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Her Infernal Majesty

 ....I TOTALLY blanked on posting this and just had it sitting in my stash! Whoopsie-daisies...

The divine and infernal commission pantheon of :icondoctorsplice: continues to expand its roster with the addition of Mammon: mater tenebris of the 3 Infernal Sisters  Three Infernal Sisters: Reforged by VanHeist

Mammon is a dark, poisonous cloud of tar and toxicity, shadows and fire, smoke and smog, giving her the invigorating aroma of a sulfuric brimstone processing facility in some industrial sector of Hell. Her skin is a slick with corrosive muck, her blood corrupts and defiles whatever it touches, and her black wings writhe with the miasmic fumes of death. Mammon isn’t terribly subtle about her nature, is what I’m saying, but she is a capital “D” Demon, and they are not known for their sense of understatement. 

Wish i had finished this ahead of Halloween....oh well, dark evil knows no sense of time or season, hehe :XD:
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Scary.........I love it
Fuego-fantasmal's avatar
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Looks like a Fusionfall character :)
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Good morning friend, Sooo Awesome!!!!!.
BrandonIron's avatar
Hey it's not Halloween lol.
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I love it!!! Spooky, eerie, scary and terrifying! My kind of art :love:
this looks amazing!!!
awesome picture!!!
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Like the flame , gives some good tingles.

ooh! how spooky!
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I feel a battle coming on...
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Oh yes. A big one.
Joel-Cevallos's avatar
Oooooooh shit :omg: 
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I'll be using this for some inspiration. Thank you. :D 
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"thanks for the light, but I don't smoke"

"I can fix that..."

reminds me of Hexxus from Ferngully only if he got hit with the R63 train with the devil from bald mountain at the wheel.
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Oh you'll just love her... toxic love....
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Guess it’s time to unexist
Is your website down?
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Oh... thought that was my wife Beelzebub for a minute >.>
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She came out beautiful. Thank you for your hard labor my minion. Now the dark mistress shall spread her shadow like a plague upon the multiverse. The light, will not save those who try to hide from her magnificence. For shadows are everywhere. And where they are. So is she....

Also TOTALLY don't read that in Emperor Palpatines voice.
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Your big bad is scary 
Joel-Cevallos's avatar
Can’t wait to see more
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