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Halcyon Girl 13: Scarcity
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By VanHeist   |   Watch
Published: August 3, 2015
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Gogo will not be avoided, dammit.

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She...really has a way with words
JediGuardian98's avatar
I love how Gogo talks about “boys and their feelings” when usually it’s the opposite. Gogo never change unless necessary 😁
spikedpsycho's avatar
Is he nawing on her toes? Kinky
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EVOUniverseProfessional Writer
Putting this is caps...THIS NEEDS TO BE A DAMN ACTUAL COMIC BOOK....I would buy and collect...nuff said.
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BlueneonkidHobbyist Digital Artist
When Gogo cruses, a baby smiles. A war is avoided. The world comes closer to peace. The quality of life for children in poorer 3rd-world countries improves. Crime decreases. Politicians are close to agreeing with each other. And Youtube comes closer to stopping their system from screwing over animators.
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NCWeberHobbyist Digital Artist
One simply does not avoid a force of nature. :)
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Just discovered this!  Going to start following it :)
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I said the same thing about a hornet once. It led to no small amount of disappointment. BEWARE!
z-jinchuriki-z's avatar
Really looking forward to the next chapter
Joel-Cevallos's avatar
GoGo you and Andy have a lot to learn and I just hope you don't destroy the entire neighborhood to do it
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MullmeisterHobbyist Traditional Artist
Piss and clockworks I likes it . 
FenixdelCaos's avatar
Damn!!! Pablo must have Wolverine's mutant healing factor to withstand a taste of Gogo's foot.
YuriPRIMEpl's avatar
Dunno what you mean, she's been tutored in arts of bath-taking, right?

Besides, if you walk barefoot you're basically healthier, cause the skin breaths and doesn't soak in sweat. Sooo, unless you pounce around the town park where doggies like to remind people they owe extremely enthusiastic digestive systems, your feet should be in fact less smelly then having them stuffed in a sock, then stuffed in a boot for like 10 hours straight, going ripe like genuine sauerkraut and a block of late Stilton Blue.

So in the worst case, Pablo's just nomming on savory bouquet ranging from freshly stomped grass, gravel, dusty carpet and a pinch of concrete - for good measure.
Redlight47's avatar
Well, he did take her farts that one time...
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AgrophiasHobbyist Writer
Wolverine my ass.... He's straight deadpool status
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GrungeWerXshopProfessional Filmographer
Ohhh, yeah. This is getting interesting....

Can't wait to see how this turns out. 

But it's so true to life though. I've also, without warning, avoided girls that I've started to have affections for in the past. I think for some men it's a way of having control. We don't want to yield ourselves to another person, so we keep our feelings inside and avoid the girl. Because when she's all up in your head and making you feel weird-y like and emotional n stuff, it's like she has control over you. Her voice, her rhythm, everything, it's like it starts to have power over you...and I used to hate that. So I'd just stop talking to the girl. 

The funny thing is, like this comic above, it always backfired. The girl would always do that. A few days would go by and she'd get all pissed and call me like, "um, why haven't you called me in three days. What's wrong?" And of course i"m like "uhhh, nothing. Just been busy. Hanging out with my friends." Then that look they give you, LOL. Priceless!

Can't wait to see the next iteration. And by the way, thanks SO much for the more frequent updates. Your comic is probably the #2 reason I visit DeviantART these days, after checking my notes and posting up art of course!

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Hmm? Elaborate on this, because depending on how I take this... It sounds like you've had bad relationships where your partner wouldn't allow you to be yourself.
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VertousStudent Artist
It's not that his partner or potential love interest wouldn't allow him to be himself, It's the emotional part of the male brain that most men have trouble expressing to the female. To having self-control in his term and keeping "hands off" comes to a form of respect for someone he cares about. In this day and age we do not have "teachers" to teach men the way to express their affections except to just walk up and "tell her how you feel" (which mostly works cause woman like confidence).
cormy1's avatar
Yeah that's what I figured, it's just the way he said it was a little... Weird.
But to a certain extent, you'd try to find a partner who is comfortable with you that you don't need to hold yourself back and have self-control. Of course I'm more referring to once you're actually in the relationship and she's given permission for you to go nuts, initially you do most definitely have to control yourself.

Still, he did seem to be describing it as if losing control of himself is equated with giving control to, which is the opposite of what you're saying. For him, losing himself in his emotions = giving himself to her. For you, holding your emotions back = giving yourself to her.
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VertousStudent Artist
Ahhh, ok I see.
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