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Bomango 56: Off to Work

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Happy Blackening-of-the-heavens Day to you, folks! It's overcast here in my neck of the woods, so the much-hyped solar eclipse didn't amount to a whole lot more than the cloud cover being slightly darker. Perhaps more importantly, this phenomenon doesn't appear to have triggered the anticipated Advent of Yzzrghthöth, Thousand-Mawed Serpent of Perpetual Darkness, so the comic posts will continue.

As you probably noticed, I've been departing ever so slightly from the primarily gray toned, limited color palette as the pages go on. While I'm not certain about the practicality of going full color (it's pretty, and I like it, but per-page production is long enough as it is), I do like introducing a little bit more if it works.

I'm also trying to be a little looser at each stage of the page process, or at least a little faster and less fussy. It's harder than I thought, telling myself to pull back on shading detail or calling it "done" instead of killing an hour tweaking details that aren't terribly important.

As always, it's a learning process. And just as with previous comics, I'll keep learning and trying stuff as I go. Total visual cohesion would probably be boring anyway.

Til next time, enjoy!



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Nah, that's not why she's nervous. She's nervous because she can unconsciously sense that her son's about to meet the woman who will change his life forever
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Mom: "Rats. I was hoping it was the unconscious feeling that I was going to meet the man who was going to change MY life forever."

Later, at work:

Doctor: "Hello. My name is Dr. Chad Chiselton. Don't let the subtle streaks of gray on my temples and my rugged yet warm demeanor fool you: I'm steadfastly dedicated to my job and my patients, which is my life's work, but I wish I could spend more time in the library of my lake house and working on my romance novel. It's nice to meet you."


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Just out of curiosity, what is her job? Does she work at that fast food place we saw a few strips ago full time, or is it something else?
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It isn't stated or clearly obvious yet, but I suppose it doesn't ruin any suspense if I say she's starting a job as a nursing assistant :)
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Mom is so lovely .
  Greeting and salutations, Van.  In my humble opinion, the minimal colour( I'm Canadian, this is how I spell it )scheme, has been rather quite effective, thus far.  It gives it a nice "dream like' aesthetic to it.  I'm not sure, if I agree with you, that total 'visual cohesion' is boring, or potentially boring, but I digress.  

  You're doing a laudable job of sustaining the natural inertia of narrative events, so far, Van.  Keep up the good work.  I sense an encounter with the 'renascent', Gogo, is increasingly imminent.  I await for the next page with enthusiastic anticipation.

  Onward and upward.

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There's something about that boy... Maybe it's just the shipper in me, but I'm starting to feel as though he's the sort of person who *would* want to bone a giant invulnerable amazon.
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Gogo: "Whoa, hang on. I gets a say in this."

Andy: "It's just a commenter."

Gogo: " do NOT want such things."

Andy: "I'm not getting into this."

Gogo: "Damn right."

Andy: "What?"

Gogo: "What?"
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Next time you see him, Van, tell Levi that the potential relationship between these two is the only reason I ended up here. And I doubt I'm the only one.

He'll know what that means.
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Aww Andy and his Mom are really sweet love those scenes, great page as always.
OPStrawhat's avatar
I want to see more!!!!! :(
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Great comic, shows the mom/son dynamic well!

Also, it was cloudy as crap here,too. At least, as a friend said on my Facebook feed, good that we live in a age of technological marvels, and the video of The Darkening can be seen from other places.

To get a little political, I am not sure whether the coming of a Great Old One, descending the universe into madness, before undoing all of reality, would be worse than current events, partially set in motion by the currant Oval Office occupant.

In any event, I look forward to more of this amazing work of art!
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Andy look kinda hot in the last panel. lol
AJKaton's avatar
Time to start Andy's Bizarre Adventure!!
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Niiiiiiice example of graphical storytelling and progressing graphical language (GL).  We start with rectilinear panels all with relatively static content - Andy remains on the couch in all the panels. They all contain cuddly Andy - furry with a muscle shirt top that gives an impression of slender upper body, open facial expressions, shorts, barefoot and slouching posture - so overall he is relaxed, exposed and giving a vulnerable impression. There is family emo and bond reinforcement interaction.  Elainey's occupation has not been explicitly given to date but from her shirt design in Bomango-52-the-morning-after and Andy's crack of "Don't KILL anyone at work." we might guess Elainey is in healthcare or such and probably new to it given Andy's "You'll be fine" cheer leading.

Then panels 6 & 7 - transition. Andy exhibits internal dialog to which we are not privy. In the last rectilinear panel his upper body posture straightens from the slouch and this is the largest rectilinear panel by area indicating something important is happening.

Then panels 8-10 - TRANSFORM ANDY.  Andy morphs in irregular curvilinear panels of different color pallet emphasizing accelerating pace. None of the panels show full Andy and all show physical action with standard GL motion emphasis lines.  The panel 8 hat reduces the furries and adds volume to the head and the projecting bill in Panel 8 hiding the eyes suggesting the donning of a superhero mask (of a poorly hidden secret superhero identity).  Panels 9 and 10 indicate planned quick purpose.

Finally panel 11 - Transformed Andy exits the apartment building.  The forward projecting hat bill emphasizes speed and streamlining for fast motion.  His facial expression is firm and determined - in contrast to *anything* we has seen of him to date.  The full t-shirt adds bulk to the upper body in contrast to where we started.  I don't know the logo mark on the t-shirt but it may carry complementary meaning in the upper mid-west, or we could just say that it is of a bird in ascending power-stroke - wink, wink. Andy's left arm is held away from the body increasing the volume of swagger space he occupies.  The apartment building door literally BOWS in response to the force and purpose of Andy's passage!  This is not just an Andy going off to work busboy/kitchen help at Fisher's Cafe.  He has something else in mind.  We are left hanging with a main character caped up and launching in to flight toward an unknown destination.  The GL shouts: "Off to Work" means something else entirely, so STAY TUNED!
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Very cool analysis, which explains in much detail why this felt like expressing a "time to get serious/solve some mysteries" vibe

I especially like how pointing those details out showed their presence to me and made me consciously aware of them ^^
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THAT is a fully-loaded war machine of a comment. Full arsenal. Hat's off to you :D
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I got tired after the first few sentences :-/ 
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Twitter version for the tired:

nice GL box-pnls static cuddl fur slendr andy mom+emo/andy mumbl/curv-pnls xform supr bulk andy door bows caped flght unknwn dest stay tuned

Afroformer's avatar
Much better 😁 lol
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It's a long comment, sure, but it was Monday game film analysis and breakdown. I loved it :D
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