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incoming WoW-nerdery....*sigh*

with the release of the Wrath expansion for world of warcraft came the introduction of the hero class, one which i promised myself i'd never play, or if i did, it'd be when the novelty had worn off and you could swing a new class without being up to your eyeballs in people doing the same.

being teh hardcorez troll supremacist that i am, and faced with the ability to create a reanimated hero troll clad in heavy armor and commanding powers of death and frost, it took about 2 minutes for me to take the path of least resistance.

anyway, this here is my troll death knight, Badimo. the name seemed apt, as according to Wiki:
The term "Badimo", although usually translated as "ancestors" does not simply refer to people who are now dead, but rather to the "living dead". In the traditional African worldview, deceased ancestors continue to be present and are actively included in the daily life of individuals and tribes. NERRRRRRRRRRRRD!

usually when i do a piece i kick it around for about a day before going "Ehhh that's good enough." I had this one cooking for quite a while, coming back to it now and then and basically trying new things when they came to me. I think i like it, but it sure tried my patience. I guess you could call it a "safety" piece...when i got fed up with my efforts on other works i'd come back to this and doodle just to feel like i was still working.

characters and concepts based, of course, on the works of Blizzard Entertainment, the pushers...
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this is amaxing, i loev the textures and the shading ^^
death knighs are one of my fav classes, esspecially for the back story and art aspect of it, and because you can do so much with them =)
they can be downright evil, emotionally dead, or suffer continuas internal battles, all because of what they have done under the lich kings rule =P
plus they have awesome voices :dummy: