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Mon Jul 9, 2018, 8:09 PM
Lovin the bomango series, just listening to Wake Me Up Before You GoGo! while reading.
Wed Jan 31, 2018, 6:01 PM
The bomango series is exactly as awesome as I remember!
Sun Dec 10, 2017, 7:08 PM
I believe I had a nostalgia attack reading through your bomango folder, just finished binging all of it, relaunch include
Thu Nov 2, 2017, 6:57 AM
I've read thru a TON of your gallery and I want to compliment your sense of comic timing! Drama is E-Z, but Comedy is HARD. And you have a definite talent for balancing the story with the Funny. Keep it Up!!!
Thu Nov 2, 2017, 5:39 AM
Wed Nov 1, 2017, 5:00 PM
Why the hay is Gogo calling Andy "Bear" ? Someone, explain to me !
Wed Nov 1, 2017, 11:52 AM
Okay so I just found out Bomango existed and I'm wondering: Where do I go to start reading? Is there a page list somewhere?
Sun Aug 20, 2017, 5:10 AM
Tue Jul 4, 2017, 8:57 AM
Tue Jul 4, 2017, 8:57 AM

Holy cats...I wasn’t sure what kind of response I’d get, but I definitely got one o.O 

Thanks so much for the inquiries! I need to close commissions while I sort through the messages I’ve gotten before things get too kooky :D 

I’ll update again soon. Thanks a million!

- van


Hi there, art-watchers!

After several years of slinging packages, I recently parted ways with my job as a warehouse grunt. It wasn’t a terrible job, and I sure will miss the paycheck, but I’d had several minor injuries in the past year and a half from working there, and after awhile I got rather tired of malingering while all the signs to move on kept piling up. So I turned in my gear, shook some hands, said my goodbyes, and left the Society of People Stacking Things on top of Other Things. It was time.

Now, if you’ve ever read a blog or journal from an artist that begins that way, you know where this is going, so let’s get into it!

While I figure out where to go from here—apart from continuing to work on Bomango, that is—I’m looking to take on some commission work! So here’s a little primer for you if you’re interested:


For commission inquiries, shoot me an email at:

(To anyone who’s sent me a note on dA recently: I fell WAY behind on keeping up with my extremely disorganized inbox there. Consequently, I’ve purged my dA note inbox to start fresh. Please accept my sincerest apologies if you’ve sent me a note and haven’t gotten a response. I assure you it isn’t personal!)


I’ll consider any requests I get, but reserve the right to turn down anything I judge to be illicit or personally objectionable (you know, stuff like rape, bestiality, pedophilia, that kinda thing? That’ll be a “no”, if that helps to save some time).

I’ll also only post your commission art with mutual consent to do so (you can choose to keep it private or anonymous if that’s your preference).

I tend to keep my gallery more or less PG-13, so if you have a commission that might be of a more “mature” nature, please don’t take offense if I don’t feature it here. (Hi, Grandma!)

Options and Pricing:

Character art is my forte, but you can commission whatever you like. My prices are a flat rate (see below) adjusted for flat or shaded/highlighted detail depending on the commission.  See what fits your idea best!

Sketch Art: $25
009 by VanHeist Moto Bike by VanHeist

Digital Line art: $50-75
Didi02 by VanHeist GogoAndyHector copy by VanHeist

Colored Art: $75-100
DIdi03 by VanHeist Didi06 by VanHeist CMDec2017 copy by VanHeist CMDec2017Final by VanHeist

Colored Art with Background: $100-150
NYJump20182 copy by VanHeist NYJump20182FinalSmall by VanHeist Gogo and Eddy 1 FD copy by VanHeist GogoDidiDressMay2017Final by VanHeist GogoElbowDropFeb17 by VanHeist

I’ve found that most people tend to commission me for character art, and usually 1-2 characters. I don’t typically double my rates for multiple character pieces, but for 2 or more characters, the markup is normally about 25-50% per character (again, based on estimated time and complexity)

If all those details and numbers seems confusing or prohibitive, don't be afraid to ask me questions or ask for some clarification. I'm still figuring out the best way for me to do commissions fairly and reliably for both myself and folks who are interested in commissioning me, so I'm always open to input! :)

Since I haven’t opened for commissions for quite awhile, I’m not sure what to expect as far as demand. For starters, I’ll be opening 4 slots at a time, and see how things go from there ^^;

More soon!




rob ten pas
United States
Current Residence: se WI
MP3 player of choice: iTunes


Commission: Demonic Disposition
An anonymous commission but a fun one :) As I worked on the piece, I built a little character backstory into my head for this demoness--let's call her "Daisy"--who's a hard-drinkin', hard-fightin', trash-talkin' succubus from the depths of the Pit, and who spends her time topside working the concert circuit as a roadie, groupie, or as security, because they're fun folks with a whole lotta fun vices. Daisy ain't much for the whole "seduction" thing, as her penchant for hard, fast living doesn't have time for that boring crap, but YOU look like fun, big guy...whaddaya say? ;) Her tattoos are sigils of other demons she's conquered as "trophies" (by one method or another), so she's imbued with the infernal power of quite a few demons minor and major--but don't let it scare ya, she's here to have fun. :evillaugh:

Patreon Commish: RUNO
Stomping her way into the roster of huge, beefy women drawn around these here parts is Runo! the OC of the wonderful :iconsmartuju: and a walking, stalking double-threat of both killer physique and extensive hair care. (Seriously, that's gotta take a lot of brushing and conditioner to get a mane like that to shimmer and shine)

Thanks, Uju, and enjoy!

- van
Bomango 124: Displaced
previous:  Bomango 123: Someone Else by VanHeist

story gallery:…

Only moments ago, she was putting the burn on colossal beasts. Now she's marooned in some desert with no kaiju in sight.

Absolutely nothing further can possibly come of this. The End.

...for now :evillaugh:

- van

Comic website HERE:

New comic gallery here:…

For more art (and larger versions of the comic pages) check me out on Patreon!
Bomango 123: Someone Else
previous:  Bomango 122: Unknowns by VanHeist next:  Bomango 124: Displaced by VanHeist

story gallery:…


Sorry for that there delay again, folks! I ran into some problems with my old (legal) copy of Photoshop not wanting to function properly, and, long story short, spent a good deal of time getting back to "regular" functionality here at HQ.

At any rate, remember how Gogo came to town a couple nights ago? Well, the desert is hardly right next door to Andy's neck of the woods, but Gogo's not alone in making explosive entrances.

Stay tuned!

- van

Comic website HERE:

New comic gallery here:…

For more art (and larger versions of the comic pages) check me out on Patreon!
Bomango 122: Unknowns
previous:  Bomango 121: Pa-Pablo by VanHeist next:  Bomango 123: Someone Else by VanHeist

story gallery:…

This sequence of story was one of those instances where I thought I was more or less settled on how this particular conversation between Andy and Gogo ended: on page 120, which was going to be the “end” of the first leg of the story. However, Levi pointed out that Andy hadn’t asked the rather obvious question about Pablo yet. Andy would certainly have gotten around to it—I’m sure he’s got PLENTY of questions for Gogo—but now it did seem strange that he’d save this one for later. So now we’ve popped THAT can of worms about “Papa”, hehe

It was also bugging me a little bit that we introduced the idea of Gogo “staying” with the Fishers somehow, but we didn’t really indicate where Gogo was going to be spending this particular night. The thought of Andy inviting Gogo into his apartment would definitely have been fun, but it also would’ve extended into more of a scene than I wanted to make of it, and I couldn’t easily see Andy taking on the hassle of explaining the situation to his mom, either. So I settled on the “sleeping out on the porch” idea as a simpler solution, safe in the knowledge that Gogo isn’t one to balk at sleeping outdoors, and setting the scene for this little bit of epilogue.

Of course, this all leads to one MORE question from Andy, and just a LITTLE more follow-up before we FINALLY move on. Stay tuned! (and sorry about the wait, hehe)


Comic website HERE:

New comic gallery here:…

For more art (and larger versions of the comic pages) check me out on Patreon!



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Have you or would you ever print your comics into books? I'd buy them all.
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Just discovered your website and I’m hooked, comic and art style is awesome 👍
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YEEHAW! Hooked another one! :D

Thanks :)
Allamorph Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018
Can't comment on your comic site, so commenting here. Really enjoying what you're doing with the story. Looking forward to seeing how you weave the cast together.

Keep up the good work. =)
VanHeist Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018
Thank you! :)
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Happy Late birthday! Also, your art is amazing it looks like you're actually an artist and animator for Avatar, Korra and Voltron!
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Happy belated birthday!
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The actual day was quite unremarkable (but I did celebrate ahead of time, and it was indeed fun, hehe) Thanks! :)
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