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Full Designer Resume



© Copyright 2011 Ignacio Porretti / Dr. Vanhardisk.
No permission will be given to use/alter/edit/blog/host/reference this image, in whole or in part, without direct written consent from myself, the Artist.
Legal action will be taken if you do not respect this copyright.

My curriculum vitae. Made with Illustrator.
[Spanish version only]

Took me some time to put together, but I finally did it

I took inspiration in some other resumes that are floating around DA, took a bit of each (So thanks, you know who you are )

Fonts used:
.Gotham: Light, Medium, Italic, Book
.Neutra Text: Book

I would really, REALLY like to know what you think of this one, your opinion is very important because it may help change some aspects of the CV to improve its functionality and reading.

So all feedback is more than welcome
Needless to say that offensive or rude comments will be deleted, so keep it polite.

Thanks to all and i hope you like it!

EDIT: I do have to say that the text came out a bit pale, but worry not, that's because this is a RGB 72dpi version and so not the best quality.
The CMYK 600dpi version I made for print rocks
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Bastante completo tu cv