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Corrino Flag

The Royal Standard of House Corrino

Designing a flag for House Corrino wasn't very difficult - they do, after all, occupy the Golden Lion Throne. Having established the Empire as it exists in Dune, the Golden Lion the throne was named after was likely that of House Corrino itself. And really - no one has ever really imagined the symbol of the Corrinos to be anything but a lion. So my job here was pretty straightforward.

As for colours... I've seen various different combinations - purple/gold, red/gold, and white/gold. I chose the last (from the Dune Encyclopedia) because, to me, it rings truest, and looks best.

I put a gold trim on the flag to represent blood relations to the Imperial Line (i.e. the Corrinos themselves). Any House claiming Imperial blood ties may fix such a border to their standard flag during formal or 'parade' occasions. House Atreides may do this, but - counting only the original novels - House Harkonnen may not.

The banner of the Sardaukar in entirety (i.e. not a regimental flag) uses the same lion charge, but on a plain black flag, and may not use the gold trim.

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