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Atreides Flag

My design for the banner of House Atreides from Frank Herbert's Dune series.

The Atreides colours are green and black, and their symbol is the hawk. Red is also sometimes associated with them (Duke Leto Atreides is often referred to as "The Red Duke", for example).

Contrary to belief popularized by Westwood's Dune games, blue (and white, along with the symbol of the gryphon - not the ram) is actually the colour of the Atreides' enemies, the Harkonnens.

Basically, when I was in high school, I was unhappy with the belief popularized by Westwood's Dune games that blue was the Atreides colour. In fact, blue (and white) is actually the colour of the Atreides' enemies, the Harkonnens. I figured I could draw a pretty cool symbol for the Atreides myself, representing not only their nobility and strong ideals, but also their cunning, bravery, and prowess in battle.

And so, years later, I'm still reasonably happy with this simple, yet effective (if I do say so myself) design.

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nah frank herberts game looks crap from what ive seen
emperor battle for dune is an epic game (bit dated now) where the atreides, harkonnen and ordos battle it out
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I quite liked Westwood's games, even though I wouldn't consider them in any way canon. Emperor had a lot of neat features that weren't seen anywhere else in the RTS genre. Still though, the Atreides colours aren't blue...

My design is based on my impressions from the book series, not games or films.
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