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An Ideal Brother - Page 65
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Published: July 4, 2017
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Back to Fells Snowdin. Thanks to some help from Chara and TL in Jazztale Syrus was able to comfort Pointy so far that he was able to calm down.

Calm enough to return back into the house. After all the shad is pretty uncomfy :P

For those who bother that picture on the left side was a present from Undyne. She found it in the Dumbs. That thing actually does exist. It is called "Elbe bei Mondschein" and was drawn by the norwayen artist Johan Christian Dahl in 1846. The actual original hangs around in the Nassionalgalljet in Oslo. And in order to memorise you lost a dear childhood memory :P


Squirreltale Sans Neutral  * whatcha doin?
Jazztale Sans eyes closed  * nothing, just putting up a leaflet and a box.
Squirreltale Sans looking to the side  * ooooh, a box!
Jazztale Sans Sly  * you can touch it if you proofread the hangout.
Squirreltale Sans Neutral  * okay!!!!
(a few minutes later)
Squirreltale Sans Neutral  * done.
Jazztale Sans Neutral sweaty  * great! ... oh, you added something... great, now i have to decipher that too...

As one or another perhabps already noticed, I was a bit on the run during my break.
While here in Jazzvale about an hour or two passed for me there passed a bit more.
Weird Time Shite and yes I know I start soundin like Squirrel for feck sake.
T'was quite an illustrous little journey and quite some stuff happened that O may hasn't live streamed here in the bar. Thus I wanted to use this little spot for you to ask us anything you want. just pop your question in and I'll get to it
But, during my stay with Horror, Pans and Witchy I've noticed, we all barely know each other, so I thought, why not take the chance?
If you're a bit shy about asking someone, why not pop them a question in here? We might make a thing about answering them.
If you're okay with reading and maybe answering them, put your name on the list to the right.

Jazztale Sans Neutral  * huh, you know, not a bad idea.
Squirreltale Sans looking to the side  * i took the liberty to make the list and add my name to it.
(Jazzy reads the list)
Jazztale Sans Empty Eyes  * ...
Jazztale Sans Empty Eyes  * HORROR!!
(Runs off into the distance while Squirrel puts up a machine printed version of the hangout and the list)
Squirreltale Sans Wink  * hee hee. messing with people is fun.

Open to questions:
The magnificient Squirrel and his Supermuffin!et
Sans Witchy!!
Cooper (P.S. SWEARJAR, BROTHER.) [Jazztale Papyrus]
Lewis [Alicetale Sans]
The Elder God
The King in Yellow

To put it in plaintext, you can ask questions directed at anybody in that list in the comments and they might answer. ;)


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Comments (20)
UltimateGuardian7777's avatar
Wait, why is Jazzy mad? I looked over the list and I don't get it
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SteampunkCyborg's avatar
Jazztale Sans Neutral sweaty * was just afraid horror gave squirrel the supermuffin.
Jazztale Sans side sweaty * i-
Jazztale Sans empty eyes sweaty * still have nightmares about it...
Jazztale Sans sad sweaty * oh god, the screams...
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UltimateGuardian7777's avatar
.... wait, what about the super crown?
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Raven-Black09's avatar
yey made my morning
Reply  ·  
undertaleseriesfan's avatar
does anybody know what the wingdings say?
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ChantalAllanson's avatar
ChantalAllansonEdited |Student Traditional Artist
Comment Featured By Owner
This is the hardest translation ever but this is the best I've got 

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VanGold|Professional Traditional Artist
The H in the last word is actually a Gaster-4  (I know I unfortunatly effed up here a bit with the white pen.) thus completely last word is Gaster-4Gaster R Gaster E Gaster AGaster M  ;)
Beside that one word everything else is correct :)
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ChantalAllanson's avatar
ChantalAllanson|Student Traditional Artist
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nanaamaro's avatar
That's not so great of papy. #Makeitcometrue #justdoit
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undertaleseriesfan's avatar
is the red the translated text for the wingdings?
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nanaamaro's avatar
I bet it was a censored swear (too lazy to check)
Reply  ·  
VanGold's avatar
VanGold|Professional Traditional Artist
It is what he actually wants to say. He is signing this while he says, what sociaty expects him to say. This is his only way to say his thoughts in clear text and btw also his only way to communicate with his brother.

As I do it the most of the time I leave it untranslated for a day before I put a translation in, since I for myself always found it more fun, to translate that stuff myself. :)

ChantalAllanson up there actually made a very good attempt. Translation is almoust complete :eager:
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nanaamaro's avatar
I mean, i think it is. I see some artists doing it
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AGuardianOfDreams's avatar
(who told you that junk Paps?) 
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julian1998Hinck's avatar
i think this is an fantastic dream
maybe if they live one day on the survise he will become true
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