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STOP! Don't skip past this thinking it doesn't concern you, because you'd be wrong. It does! This whole blog concerns you - yes, YOU - much more than you might first think! Allow me to explain. (Stay with me, I have cookies, and an inspirational speech!)

:pointr: Do you know what vexel art is? Have you ever tried it?

Whether you answered yes or no to those questions, your presence here is still very important and I'd like you to stick with me for just a little longer while I explain to you just why you're oh so important to me and my favourite artistic medium.

There's not a huge amount of us vexel artists around. There used to be an active and thriving vexel community here on DA, and while some of us are still about, many have moved on to explore new media, some simply don't have the time to commit to artwork anymore, and some have left DA entirely. I'd really like to get back to having that amazing community vibe, and see people excited by the medium and its prospects once again.

That's where you come in. You don't need to worry if you have absolutely no idea what vexel art is or how to get started, because I can help you (and also there's some links at the bottom of this blog) - all I need from you right now is for you to say "Yes, Leo! We are with you!" and for you to be excited at the thought of building up a fantastic, strong vexel community once again. Be part of something special that we built together - what do you say?

You don't need any fancy equipment - if you have Photoshop, Gimp or any other program with a pen tool or lasso/selection tool, then you'll be good to go. You don't even need a tablet (and in fact, vexel is usually easier with a mouse anyway).

Vexel art is made by layering blocks of colour on top of one another to create a whole image. You can think of it as a digital version of cut paper. Vexel is a medium, like acrylic paint is a medium, and several different artistic techniques and styles can be used, as with any other artwork.

All these beautiful pieces below are examples of vexel artwork.

The vexel community were always good at working together to produce amazing results in collaborations! Have a look at these excellent collabs from the members of vexelove

So then - interested in honing your own vexel skills and rebuilding a super-amazing community?

Keep an eye on my blogs and TheVexelGroup for easy-to-follow articles all about the wonderful art of vexel!

Til then, I leave you with these links - just the three, so as not to overwhelm anyone, but further reading can always be found at TheVexelGroup if you'd rather read more before my own blogs are submitted!

Bullet; Pink What IS Vexel Art, Anyway?
Bullet; Pink Vexel FAQ
Bullet; Pink The Definition of Vexel

Groups to watch/join:
:iconthevexelgroup: :iconvexelove:

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Yay, vexel art! I'm with you :XD:
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VAngelLJHobbyist Digital Artist
Good :stare: Upload your vexels.
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PolarisAstrumHobbyist Traditional Artist
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VAngelLJHobbyist Digital Artist
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AstralseedProfessional General Artist
Very excited to see you making a push for Vexel art on DA!  Will you apply to be a vexel CV again too? :eyes:
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VAngelLJHobbyist Digital Artist
Vexel art needs more love; it's an excellent and versatile medium in its own right, and I plan to present it that way rather than the "compared to vector" route that most articles take. We don't compare any other forms of digital drawing or painting to vector, so I think its time vexel earned its place as its own medium.
And I may have applied already, yes..
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