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November 20, 2008
I'm always amazed by what people can do with stock pictures. Mojo Citrus by ~VAngelLJ has been put together and vexelled so nicely,you wouldn't know it is not a photo upon first viewing, nor would you think that it consists of various pieces pierced together. Also, the combination of colors and the smoothness of this are truly astounding!
Featured by Jules1983
Suggested by timmy64
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Mojo Citrus

I've been working on this for a few months and, thanks to pushing & help from both `DCZed and ^Jules1983, I've finally finished it.

Photoshop CS3; pen tool; 609 layers; many many hours

The gorgeous stock is mojostock36 by ~mojobeian

and I used Have a Slice of Lime 3 by `FantasyStock as a reference for the limes.

I'll be redoing this one some time in the future to see how my techniques have changed and/or improved (hopefully), so some critique would be really useful now!

Thank you ^Jules1983 for the DD, `timmy64 for suggesting it, and everyone who has faved this piece. It's very appreciated ^^
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Vexel-Junkie's avatar
one of the best I've seen so far... the colors really make it eye catching...
VAngelLJ's avatar
Fawania's avatar
beautiful work , it deserve that time :)
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bowokarikatur's avatar
beautiful ... where is tutorial for link us ..
Furby0305's avatar
I really love the hair and colors! :love::heart:
2073154's avatar
awesome work...
pixellorac's avatar
It's so beautiful! What a wonderful hair! :)
VAngelLJ's avatar
HollyIST's avatar
very well done!! especially the part around her lips and eyes!!
The hair-ribbon is not so good...
it somehow does not look right, if you understand what I mean... am not speaking of the coulor but of its form...

wholly a very great work!! :bow:
HollyIST's avatar
^^ and Im going to enjoy it !! ^^
VAngelLJ's avatar
Thank you. This one is on my list to redo, so if I get round to that then it will be much better.
grannygeek's avatar
Wow..I just joined :iconvector-artists: and saw your work there..I love how you worked the limes into the art! It's like it was there in the original!

I'm fairly new to vexeling/vectoring..I was looking for the ways to do folds in fabric..Yours is one that caught my eye..So well done!

Did you learn from a particular tutorial?

Hugs, GG
VAngelLJ's avatar
Thank you very much - I've never thought that clothing was a strong point of mine, and it's certainly not something I particularly enjoy doing ^^; I've never really looked at tutorials on clothing either, I found my own way with that through trial and error. In my opinion, that's the best way to learn - try something. If it doesn't work, try something else :D

Thanks for your support.
grannygeek's avatar
Well you're very good at what you do! I sort of feel my way around and try different things, plus read tutorials..Then try to put it all together..

Thanks for your reply!
VAngelLJ's avatar
No problem, I hope it all goes well for you.
siskin's avatar
Looks fresh and alive, very nice! :D
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