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Favourite Visual Artist
Adrian Smith, John Blanche
Favourite Movies
Dredd, LotR, the Hobbit, A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, Pacific Rim
Favourite TV Shows
Steven Universe, Adventure Time
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
the killers, nightwish, white lies, two door cinema club
Favourite Books
horus heresy series, the War of the Worlds,
Favourite Writers
H. G. Welles, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein
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Fallout, Space Marine, Skyrim, Dishonored, Halo
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Xbox One
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Manga Studios 5. Huion H610 Tablet
Other Interests
Warhammer 40000, Drinking Tea, Sleeping
You may have heard about the terrorist attack in London today. I raise this because I was at work, probably about 400 metres from the scene, at the time. Never been so close to what was considered an active terror threat, and I hope not to be in the future. Just thought I'd record my thoughts for posterity. Now, obviously the Islamophobia has already kicked in - simple minds and whatnot - and this image someone posted strikes me in particular, the poster stating simply 'posting this without comment'. Anyone with an IQ of more that 20 points can p
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Status Update? What is this, Facebook?! Oh well, might as well take the opportunity to let everyone know that after a month of Destiny and refurbishing I'm just about ready to get back to drawing (he says as AC Unity and the MC Collection peer out th...
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Still Alive

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Ok you can all stop worrying about me now, because I am indeed still alive. My past months absence has been due to the release of Destiny (ok so it isn't a good reason) and job hunting. Also, I have begun refurbishing my room, which includes throwing out a load of furniture and getting a few floor and everything. What this means is my attendance here will not improve for another week or two, and there may be a few days where I am unable to access my computer all together. For those I have offered commissions to, I ask you to keep being patient, and know that I have been testing and planning concept art for said commissions all this past mo
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I loved your art but it seems many are missing most notable the 7th page for your Take No Prisoners the prequel to your xenohunters art. I have taking some of your art so I can use them in the extras thread for If the Emperor watched the Text to Speech Device where the 30k Emperor and Primarchs reacting to the Text to Speech Device series which spawned a sub thread where they reacted to other 40k fanfic and memes such as the Roboutian Heresy. I wanted to use your art for them to react to Vagnar and his battle brothers and I really would need a complete picture of why Vagnar is waging an extermination crusade of the the Ursas


You have me at such a loss...

Of all the art and memes I've produced over the years, for warhammer or otherwise, there is nothing I regret more than that comic... it's just... so bad, both on an artistic and creative level. Whenever I'd go back through my gallery I'd recoil at that comic; so, while I decided to keep some of it, as a record that it existed, I pulled the 'punchline' page, to prevent my skin crawling.

I'm not going to restore the missing page.

I won't tell you not to reference the comic if you're set on it; but, I invite you to use all the other comics and memes surrounding the xenohunters - fuck me was i unoriginal or what - and request that you leave that comic buried and forgotten, where it belongs.

As to a complete picture: well, there isn't one.

The 'Ursas' are really just any other genestealer cult / chaos warband / renegade cell by a different name; they're bad new bears with an internet meme skin on top. In retrospect this is what worked about them for the meme comics and my 'brand', they were recognisable and funny, and didn't need setup or justification for dumb internet comic violence to be committed against them (and, most importantly, they weren't hard to draw). Trying to justify or explain them otherwise - which is what that comic tried to do, and is probably why I hate it the most - ruins the tone that made them work.

Happy to discuss further.

Hey Vangar, listen, i just watched this video:

If you have a Patreon too, you might want to check this out. Potentially you might have to find a new payment service.

Happy birthday. :iconcake3dplz:   Party Airborne Hugbirthday cake happy DA B-day :3 Hope your day is awesome. :tip-hat: 
Happy Birthday! Party Have your cake and eat it too