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My Na'vi Avatar

Me as a Na'vi, a race from the epic movie Avatar.

I simply loved that movie!!! It's awesome!!! For those who haven't seen it, please see it!!! xD It's a must-see movie!!!

I loved this race so much that I had to draw myself as one of them xD

Hope you like it! <3
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Awesome:3 inspired me to draw my own na'vi
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love this :love: + look at my drawings please :)




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This is really pretty! I love the concept and it really looks like real na'vi avatar. She's beautiful. Nicely done.
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Thank you! ^^
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oh yeah, the movie is awesome! and so is this picture, it looks like she hopped right off of Pandora!
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I love it!!! I love the movie as well and wish I had been born as a Na'vi! I also always love how they do their hair and you managed to do kinda your own style and their style making it super awesome! Keep up the good work (though I don't think I need to tell you that, haha)
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It TOTALLY looks like you! ...And like a Na'vi. Amazing job! :)
I thought the movie was well done... though it made me depressed afterwards. Did they have to kill off all the good characters?! :\
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cuuute! lover the na'vi look! :D i wanna draw my ocs as na'vis!

btw, some actually think there's real na'vis and a real pandora somewhere. ^^;
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That is really good! Great job! :D
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Demasiado bonito...;)

PS-Eu não quero ser cusca mas quem te insultou/ofendeu-te para tu esconderes o comentario?*aprocuradacaçadeira*
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-jaw drops-

This looks like it came from the movie!!!
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dammit that's some ting i have yet to do..
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ooh *___*
it's fantastic!
how did you draw hair so well?
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Thanks! <3
Oh... I don't know... ^^'
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I don't know if I had already commented, but just in case, no wonder it has 8k views. Ficou impressionante, linda! hehehe Você pegou uma foto como base ou criou o rosto todo? Muito lindo mesmo!
VanEvil's avatar
Hehe, obrigada! XD
Usei uma imagem de Neytiri como referencia, o resto veio tudo da minha mente! xD
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Ah bom, ficou muito bonito! :D
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