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C: Pound it!

Miraculous AU Commission for StellarStylus, Here's a fist bump between KivaTheDCWizard's Pipistrello, a bat-themed superhero version of Lila, and StellarStylus's Lupalia, another superhero version of the same character, wolf-themed. It was fun drawing these two again!
Hope you like it!

Art © me
Lila and Miraculous Ladybug
© Thomas Astruc
© KivaTheDCWizard
© StellarStylus
Personal use only. Please do not remove my signature.

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Not bad, not bad at all. I love how you did them this way. It almost looks like they're looking each other in a mirror of some sorts. Great work, as always. ;)

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Yeah, the "mirror" or "reflection" thing was kind of the idea. 😉

And I'm glad you like it too!

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I'm glad I could nail the mirror-like scene, since they're the same person I thought it would look nice this way! Thanks! :D

KivaTheDCWizard's avatar

This looks great. Pipistrello looks great in your style.

StellarStylus's avatar

I'm glad you like it! 😁

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I'm glad you like my version of her :)

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I love this! Great work

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You welcome <3

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I‘m so excited.

I have this idea what what the Miraculous holders meet multiverse version of themselves. But it’s complicate to put it.

Like what if Marinette meets different version of herself but use different Miraculous, like Lady Noire, Multimouse, Marigold (Bee!Marinette), and Lady Fairy (Blind Butterfly!Marinette).

Or what if Ladybug meets other Ladybugs but different users from the start, like Adrien (Mr. Bug), Alya (Scarabella), and even Chloe (Scarlet Lady).

Redtriangle's avatar

YES! That’s what I would love to see.

I’m going be honest, I saved your pictures of Lupalia and Pipipstrello offline and I put them together so I don’t have to flip one at a time.

So… Are you planning to make Lila’s unified form? If not, I will.

I have an idea, (it’s stupid by the way), what if Lupalia and Pipistrello are twin sisters?

Now that they met. Would they start facing their villain selves: Volpina and Chameleon and, as bonus, ’Future Hawkmoth’.

VanEvil's avatar

You should share these ideas with the original creators of these versions of Lila :)

Redtriangle's avatar

I already did. In fact, StellarStylus saw this and liked it.

So, again. Having thought a unified version?

VanEvil's avatar

No one has asked me to do so yet, so no XD

StellarStylus's avatar

Wow, this came out great! I really like the sense of balance here, and it was also a nice touch with your part on how they're both holding their respective weapons! 😀

Thanks so much for illustrating these two again, and I'm glad you enjoyed drawing them again!

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No problem, glad you like it! :)

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