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My part of the trade with :iconcandy2021:
Her adorable chara, Mercy, with kinda of a rockabilly vibe. Hope you like it

Go check her gallery!

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Wow this is STUNNING in every way possible! My apologize for the long wait for my comment, I was just so STUNNED I had to think about what I wanted to say otherwise it would have came out a bunch of "OMGWTFBBQ" and keyboard smash.

I really love your take on Mercy! I love that you choose to draw her and I LOVE what you did with her! I would totally rock that rockabilly outfit like nobodies business! I love her outfit! it's so HER! shes not afraid to show off a little skin because of her size, in fact that just encourages her to do it! if it makes her feel sexy shes gonna wear it regardless of what society may think or what they may say! shes a grown woman no one is gonna dictate what she is gonna wear!

I love her winking expression it's so cute and classy! she looks so precious! I LOVE the shining on her lips and her shoes! she looks excellent in her outfit and I really adore how ruffled her shorts are! I love her exposed bra and the lacy patterns and I love how shes slowly seductively removing her glove! it's such a small touch but it says so much! I really love the patterns in her bandanna and the shines in her piercings! you really out did yourself on these tiny details! so accurate and so wonderfully done!

Not to mention I just love her body in general! her face shape, her pose and the soft folds of her flesh, she looks so cuddly and huggable in this picture! I love that you took the bold route and put her hair up! it looks fantastic on her as does the very slight orange tint at the bottom! this picture blows me away in every way possible! thank you SO MUCH! this really was such a treat to get AND even on Christmas day!

I love this! thanks so much for the trade! I really love it and I hope you loved your half as much as I love mine! I really look forward to trading with you in the future after your break! :heart: