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despicable me 2 gif - dancing Lucy

she is so cool xDD
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and Gru is like: WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOIN'?
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Whenever I see gifs of 3d animated movies, I always think "every little movement was puppeteered..every movement, no matter how subtle."
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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! (LOL, Lucy is awesome...I gotta admit, I sometimes do something like that, loudly yelling yay and doing a small dance. Probably why I like Lucy so much. I'm a hyper and crazy person, too.)
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I love the way Lucy and Gru both wear scarves. ('cept Lucy's is more colourful and faces backwards.)
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Lucy: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay......

Gru: No, "yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay,"
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Отлично выбран момент, точно её характеризует!
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I loved the movie :D
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They look nice together :3 i watched the film in the cimema AWESOME o-o
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I love how Gru goes after this "No! No 'Yay!'" XD
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Lol, I like this.
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No, no "Yay!"
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Lucy looks like a great character. I can't wait for this movie!

Hmmmm....I wonder if they got her name from Lucy Ball from I Love Lucy.
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sie ist so süß; Ich wäre nicht überrascht, wenn er in sie verliebt ist am Ende werden.
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You forgot to show the other dance. the one Lucy makes before Gru says: No yaaay!
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I know! I was thinking that too! :3
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