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Hey guys,

For those of you who are on Instagram, I am now there too.  

What will you find on there? Good question!

I will be posting not only work in progress but stuff from my sketchbook.  I usually keep my sketchbook work to myself, but you will be able to see work that is posted only on Instagram.  

Hey guys.

I've got a lot more time than I think I ever have had now that I'm a student on summer vacation. Luckily I can put that towards doing a lot more art.  After my first year as an animation student at Sheridan I find that I'm kinda tired of seeing flat anime styles (including my own).  I've been trying to adjust my style to something that I enjoy and can be animated.

Any of you have this problem?  What are some of your favorite non anime/manga styled artists?


At first when I saw some of the new character designs for Hyrule Warriors, I was a little skeptical.  The lack of clothing for Cia really doesn't feel like it fits in with Nintendo's Zelda universe.  But Linkle's character is super adorable, and I love the way she kicks ass with her duo crossbows.

You'll probably see a lot more of Linkle in my gallery in the future!
Hey my fellow Deviants,

School is out and summer is just around the corner. I've had to move suddenly due to the passing of my father, back home to help my mother out.  I've had to pay for airplane tickets and emergency moving costs that I wasn't expecting. So I could really use some paid commission work right now.  Spread the word!

Also I finally made it to 100K views.  Way awesome! 

Commission me by VanessaFardoe

Thank you for all your kind comments and messages.
First of all,

Hello to all my new watchers!

Anime school has been keeping me super busy. But soon I will have some free time during winter break. I'm unable to work anywhere because of demands of school. 

If you are interested in giving someone a gift or a gift to yourself, I am cutting my high detailed painting price from $60+ to $40US

Only one character, no background. Similar to
Character Illustration: Ru by VanessaFardoe
$40US! Just $40 bucks!!
Payments are through Paypal. Payments are required before I start.
Deadline for illustration is Jan 1st .
1 character no background.
You will receive high res file to an email of your choice.

I only have enough time to take up to 3 orders.
Note me if you're interested with any references or details.
1) ShogunGari (complete)
2) amakusa45
3) ShogunGari
Is it just me, or has dA taken a backseat?  It seems more lifeless than it was before.  Artists that I followed 10 years ago just dump their art here and barely comment or take part in the community, and viewers take less time to comment or make a connection with other artists.  I know I am guilty of this a little too.  I definitely used to get more comments and notes when I was just a newb on dA and a WAY more amature artist than I am today.

Is it just me?

If you aren't too active on dA anymore and are more on tumblr or FB lemme know.

In other news. I'm really REALLY enjoying being an animation student, even if most of the first few weeks of assignments are the basics.  

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Subscribe to my Youtube Channel
I've finally made the move from Tokyo to Toronto and found a tiny little place to settle in. I will finally start my path to (hopefully) making something of my art career by studying in Sheridan's Bachelor of Animation program.

I'll be a full time student, and as awesome as this experience will be, I'll be broke lol....

On that note! Commissions are totally open! Some of these prices are for a limited time!!!

Line Art: Full body $20US
Sailor Moon: Black Lady by VanessaFardoe
Cell Shaded Full body $35US
Fantasy Precure: Cello by VanessaFardoe
High Detail Full body $60US and up (depending on details)
SIN Contest by VanessaFardoe

All payments are done through paypal. Payment is upfront. Any references are a plus, but written details are great as well.

Note me for inquiries!

Current Price list

Commission me by VanessaFardoe
I'm moving back to Canada from Japan. From Aug-Sept I may be out of a computer while I get myself set up.  During this time I won't be taking on any new commissions.

I will be selling at Ai-kon, Winnipeg's anime convention this weekend.  Please stop by to pick up some new art!Aikon-Stuff by VanessaFardoe
Bust commissions orders are closed. Thanks for all the support!

As for my Youtube Channel , the second half of my painting process of Nina from Breath of Fire III has been uploaded.  

Support and subscribe to my channel. I will upload something every week.

Youtube: BoF Nina-Part One by VanessaFardoe
Part 1: focuses on painting the skin and hair, and adding the surrounding environment colors to affect the characters pallet.

Youtube Video: Breath of Fire Nina: Part 2 by VanessaFardoe
Part 2: focuses on coloring the clothing and painting simple shapes and color to your background to make your illustration more appealing
Hey everyone,

I'm happy to announce that I have a Youtube Channel.  I will be updating it quite regularly, about every week or biweekly.  You'll be able to see how my finished illustration works are created, and maybe learn a few new techniques.  Best of all its all free!  So please check out my channel and subscribe!
Nina-P1-Home by VanessaFardoe

As for my last journal about my Limited bust Commissions, there are only 3 spots left.  Bust commissions are $40US, by Paypal.  
Bust: Sophia by VanessaFardoe Bust Commission: Jon.E by VanessaFardoe Bust Commission: Megan W by VanessaFardoe
Send me a note if you're interested.
Hey Deviants,

In a few months I will be moving from Japan back to my motherland-Canada for school.  Moving to the other side of the world isn't cheap and I could use some extra funds.

Bust: Sophia by VanessaFardoe

For a limited time I will be offering some swanky bust commissions to help out with my empty wallet. Bust commissions are $40US each.

How do I get one?

1) Just send me a note.  Let me know you're interested
2) I need payment upfront. I only accept payments through paypal
3) Send me any references or written details you have.

Serious inquires please!
I was accepted for Sheridan College’s Animation class of 2015!!

I want to cry, I’m so happy. It’s been a stressful few months, especially the last few days before acceptances came out.

*Edit* I cried
I just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who helped me out on voting on my character concepts and to my friends for their critiques and advice.  Most of you may not know (or noticed haha) why I was a bit inactive.  Over the last few months I have been working steadily on 2 portfolios. One for Sheridan's BA of Animation and another for Sheridan's BA of Game Design.  Both took a lot of time to finish.

I have finished both and finally shipped them off today.  I feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulders.  From here on, it's the waiting game.

If there are any other "Sheridan hopefuls" for 2015's batch, send me a note/message.  

I'll post my portfolio pieces up later next month for those who are interested in seeing it.  

Here's hoping I get in!

I was accepted into Sheridan's Animation program!
Thanks for your help.  I think I've gotten enough comments and notes for now .  If I need more I'll post another journal. Thank you everyone!

Hello fellow artists!

I have a good friend (and long time client) who is looking for more artists to work on character designs (which could be anything from sci-fi ladies to dragons, to robots, they has thousands of characters).

What I need from you is for you to comment (or send a note if you're shy) with some examples and your prices.

I have been working with this client for years, and he has given me steady work.  If you're interested let me know.  If they are interested then they'll send you a note.  This is for private commissions, nothing commercial.

Thanks ^^
Hey guys,

Sorry for the inactivity.  I've been working on some BGA work for Pump It UP, one of Andamiro's arcade games.  I'll upload some screen shots once I'm able to.

Luckily I finished the BGA I was working a little ahead of my deadline because  I had a really bad reaction to some thing I touched and my drawing hand was all blistered up for days. I couldn't even hold a pen without burning pain OTL . But it looks like its on its way to recovery, and as soon as I was able to hold a pencil I had to draw draw drawwww.  

I'm also looking forward to the new Majora's Mask being put on the 3DS.  yayayayay!

Anyways take care and don't touch weird things!

Tumblr Blog
It's that time again.

I want to get to know more of my watchers, and what better way to do that than to swap some art!

Please read the rules
-You MUST be a watcher
-You have not done an art trade with me in the past (sorry!)
-You need to be able to commit to your side of the trade ( due end of July)

Leave a comment or send me a note. It's first come first serve

I have 3 SLOTS open.

1) Dandrade
2) Art-Eater
3) MinaChawn
Hello Watchers,

Its that time again! I'd like to do some relaxing and fun art trade with some of my watchers.  This month it is my birthday.  , and to celebrate I'd like to do more art trades than usual.  I'd like to do 4 trades this month!! 

Rules are simple:
-You MUST be a watcher
-This is a first time doing a monthly art trade
-First come first serve either via message on this journal or note.

1) demica
3) TaliC-os
4) lexikimble

Deadline is the end of June

Hello Deviants,

Its that time again. ART TRADE TIME

This month is a monochrome month. Art trades will be done in one color (your choice!)

The rules are simple:

* You must be a current watcher.
* You haven't participated in a past art trade with me.
* Must be finished by the END of May

Two slots open:

1) Igloinor

First come first serve. Leave me a message here or send me a note~
Hello Deviants,

I've been a tad busy with some personal projects. But I would like to do a few art trades and get to know some of my watchers!

The rules are simple:

* You must be a current watcher.
* You haven't participated in a past art trade with me.
* Must be finished by the END of April

Two slots open:

1) row

First come first serve. Leave me a message here or send me a note~

Closed: March Art Trade

Mon Mar 3, 2014, 5:22 AM
Top Bird

Hello Deviants,

I've been a tad busy with some personal projects. But I would like to do a few art trades and get to know some of my watchers!

The rules are simple:

* You must be a current watcher.
* You haven't participated in a past art trade with me.
* Must be finished by the END of March

Two slots open:

1) Watercolor-Skys 
2) artmycry 

First come first serve. Leave me a message here or send me a note~

Skin made by fantasy-alive