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September 6, 2012
Calm Hues by ~vanessaem
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Calm Hues

MIUI hasn't been ported to my device yet so I'm using a launcher called MiHome.
However, the launcher allows you to use MIUI themes. These are my first screens using it.

The elements I included are as follows:

Launcher: MiHome (The MIUI rom can also be used)
LS Wall - I modded this [link] to this [link]
LS Clock - UCCW modded Azure6 theme [link]
Widget Locker - 100% Invisible Widget Locker theme [link]
HS Walls - [link]
Weather - Fancy Widget Pro and eWeather HD
HS Clock - UCCW Modwhite theme by xxmelissaxx [link]
Icons - Lipse Grayscale by me [link]
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please give a new link for hs wallpaper
vanessaem's avatar
I do't have one, sorry. :(
Will try and find a new one but considering these screens are from two years ago, it may be difficult.
can u guide me plz how to this all....
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I did this quite a while ago so I don't know exactly what I did but all of the elements used have been listed in the description. Just use everything and start experimenting. Use anyone of the alternate launchers as a base. :-)
jayizajamil's avatar
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Thank you so much. :)
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really nice setup there..LS wall is marvellous
btw i was just to put widget on lockscreen?
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Thank you so much. I'm using Widget Locker. You're able to put widgets on the lock screen with that app.
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Congrats on the DD! :D
vanessaem's avatar
Thanks a million! ;)
BG0812's avatar
Really great launcher !
vanessaem's avatar's really cool. :)
vanessaem's avatar
Thanks so much. ;)
ratatty's avatar
How did you change the icons in MiHome? DO you need a whole new theme to change them? (Kinda new at this)
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MIUI themes work with MiHome. You won't get every aspect of a theme but you can get the lockscreen, wallpapers and the icons. If you're familiar with MIUI, changing the icons works the same way, whereas you have to install the theme to get elements from it. In themes, you can uncheck the elements from the theme you don't want and if you just want the icons, leave that checked. :)
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What I am getting at is if I have lets say a set of icon .pngs sitting on my computer is there a way I can use those in MIHome?
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Only if they're in MIUI theme format. This launcher works just like MIUI in that way. You can't change an individual icon like you can with other launchers.
ratatty's avatar
Okay, thank you very much for the help!
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Nice work. everything will be better than stock Sense HTC. nice and simple. i prefer launchers like this one, status bar is nice, too.
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Thanks a lot. ;)
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Really nice Nessa :) Love the walls. Thanks for sharing them ;)
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Thank you and anytime my friend. :)
supranodip's avatar
You're welcome :)
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