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Tree-lax | Steven Universe

By vanduobones
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EDIT: Sorry for the watermark folks, thank you for the DD and all the kind comments, but people have been stealing this piece left and right. I have different watermarks per sight and noticed they were all the deviantart images. You can enjoy the image for it is, and I sell it at conventions too :3c

I had been really stressed for the past couple of weeks, so I painting a calming scene from one of my favorite shows~ Enjoy! 

It can also be found on my tumblr!

Art © Vanduobones / Rachel A.
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© 2016 - 2020 vanduobones
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Heya! Would it be okay if I used this as my background photo and credit you? :,3
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this artwork is so cool, keep up the good work
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It'd be great if the cherry blossom tree came back. 
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Very nice and pleasant. 
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why dont you leave a signature
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Are you talking about me signing my piece? Just a little confused on what you're getting at, there is a signature in the corner of the piece, as well as the watermark.
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Aww such a nice peaceful moment for them all.....well except Peridot :la:

Looks awesome ^_^
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I have been looking for this picture everywhere!
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Glad you found it! I have it on my tumblr as well if you're seen it there too :)
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Looks truly amazing ^^
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The colors are perfect, top notch!
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Me trying to climb a tree
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I've always really liked this piece.

And I saw you had some issues with TeeChip stealing your art, and I wouldn't annoy you with something you've already worked on.
But I did see someone on Etsy using your work.
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Thank you! I've reported the shop, thanks for the update! 
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all of them relaxing and enjoying the sunshine and that tree. 

and then there is peridot
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I hope that you are the one selling your design and not some random company or other person stealing this from you.
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It is not me, I would not buy from them. I've done all that I can, but it's just annoying at this point. 
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Love this so much! ♡

I actually saw this on FB

And I wanted to see who the original artist is which led me here. I just wanted to see if you put these up on this site or if its stolen artwork because im not going to support stolen art.
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I'm the original artist, they 100% stole that from me :c
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Where's smokey quartz at??
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