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The summer it's here, you know so much heat, and all the day with the fan even to sleep . Despite of this, and the projects I'm working on, I decided to open by limited time my commission reception. Feel free to ask via note my pricelist. About the summer itself I think I will update a little less during the next two months, but don't miss to take a look at my facebook page, that will be update more often.

Oh and take a look at my other pages if you want too.…

In any case, have a really nice summer!! And thanks to take a look at my page here on deviantart.
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Hi everyone, since facebook has become one of the most gorgeus platforms to show your works, I decided to take this train and make my own artist facebook page. It will be a great complement to this deviant art, and will gradually replace my blog, with rather more regular updates, more sketches and news about myself. So please comment, like and share!
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The summer is gone, and now it's time to get back a little bit of routine, my function as a teacher, and because I can't show yet some of the works I've done this year, start to work on some samples for my book. New horizons, new objectives. Thanks for the people that visit this page so often, and especially the ones that demanded some commissions, in the next updates I upload some of them. By now, commission reception it's closed. My best wishes to everyone for this starting new season.
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The summertime is here, and after a really intense start, now I think that it's the right moment in this 2014 to open commissions. The last year I received a lot of them and sadly, I could not work in many of them, or even some left unfinished and I could not complete them until recently.To redeem myself, I reopen officially receiving commissions for a short period of time. If you are interested send me a note and I will send my price list.


El verano ya esta aquí, y con el un pequeño paréntesis ideal para abrir la recepción de encargos. Como no quiero pillarme las manos del mismo modo que el año pasado, para la ocasión solo aceptare commissions durante un corto periodo de tiempo. Si estais interesados, ya sabeis, mandadme una nota y yo encantado os mandare mi listado de precios.
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A very long time without write a new journal. Maybe the first thing I have to say its sorry. A big apology to everyone, especially a to a lot of people that demanded some works o comissions here in deviant and at last I could not work on it. I'm really disapointed with this fact, and during this 2014 I will try to repair my fault with some of them.

After this appointment , maybe will be good do a little resume of 2013. Only a word comes to my mind, or maybe two. The first one was chaos, the second; work. From my duties as a teacher, to the big a amount of projects that I was working on, I didn't had a really breathing time till november-december. Two months that I was trying to finish some comisions or reorder some of the ideas that were bouncing in my mind. Strange days maybe.

But always it's good take some time to think, and reafirm your ideals. I'm a little tired of some things, yes. I always said that in this profesion you have to keep the faith. And now this year that starts just now, it's time to say no only the words that every year I say, the best it's yet to come. Its time to grow, I'm not really sure in which way, but I know that now it's the time to go far and far away.

The only limitations are yourself. Lets go to do a little reset, erase the bad karma or the low energies. My wish for this year? make this 2014 an unforgettable one. Thanks every one, and have a happy new year!!


Llevaba mucho tiempo sin escribir un nuevo journal .Y ya que casi ha pasado un año desde el anterior, que mejor excusa para dar señales de vida. Si bien antes de empezar a disertar tengo que decir, lo siento. Dar una gran disculpa a todos, especialmente a una gran cantidad de personas que se acercaron aquí a deviant a pedirme encargos y al final no pude tan siquiera empezar muchas de ellas. Estoy muy decepcionado con este hecho , y durante este 2014 voy a tratar de enmendar mi error y intentar ir haciendo la mayoría de las que han quedado en el tintero .

Después de este apunte , tal vez sea bueno hacer un pequeño resumen de 2013 . Sólo una palabra me viene a la mente, o tal vez dos. La primera es caos , la segunda ; trabajo . Desde mis deberes como profesor, a la gran cantidad de proyectos en los que estaba trabajando, no tuve tiempo realmente para respirar hasta noviembre-diciembre . Dos meses en los que intente retomar esos encargos antes mencionados, y poner algo de orden a todo lo que me pasaba por la cabeza. En definitiva, días extraños.

Siempre es bueno tomar un poco de tiempo para pensar, y reafirmar tus ideales. Estoy un poco cansado de algunas cosas , sí. Pero como suelo decir; esta profesión muchas veces es un verdadero acto de fe. Y ahora, este año que justo arranca , es el mejor momento para recordar mis propias palabras, y sumarlas a lo que cada año digo por estas fechas; lo mejor está por venir . Es tiempo de crecer , no estoy realmente seguro en que dirección, pero sé que ahora es el momento de intentar ir un peldaño mas allá.

Las únicas limitaciones son uno mismo. Así pues vamos a hacer un leve reseteo, borrar el mal karma o las energías bajas. Mi deseo para este año? hacer que este 2014 sea inolvidable. Gracias a todos , y un feliz año nuevo !
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