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final fight Roxy Pin up

Version Roxy de la ilustración original de Poison [link]


Roxy version of the Poison's illustration [link]
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I found this on a piece of metal a few weeks ago for like a pound. I hung it on my wall
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Wow, send me a photo!
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Beautiful very classic style.
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Wow ! great painting !
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Your artwork is inspiring!
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That's some fine work you got here.. looks a bit like Liberatore only evolved more.
Respect! ;-)
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awesome, I keep wishing UDON would do their final fight book
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This is very cool!=D Love ur gallery!
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Oh My God Roxy is So Sexy in Final Fight Game (series) And That Was The Best Art Work Picture I Ever Seen.
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En efecto, tanto Roxy como Poison fueron originalmente concebidas como hombres por Capcom. Una historia muy enrevesada la verdad, pero eso no quita que el dibujo sea genial, y siempre nos queda la regla 63 para "ellos" ^^U
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Bueno como decian en "Faldas y a lo loco", nadie es perfecto XD
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it's a guy sorry everybody
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No. This is Roxy which was created just to be a palette swap enemy but was given her own back story. Officially Roxy is a female, and always has been. Poison however is the one that is ambiguously kept questionable but lean's towards being a guy who cross dresses based on story elements, and even dialogue from the character's.
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your whole gallery rocks but as a biker i especially appreciate this sexy cutie... awesome job! :thumbsup:
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Thanks man ^_^
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you're very welcome ;)
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Amazing textures and feaux folds! She looks fabulous!
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