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2015-lydia Skyrim

Fan art of Lydia from Skyrim, done for the last number of Judas el Fanzine, Judas Epico. It should have been a double page scene with Lydia on one side, and Aela by another, the latter painted by my girlfriend Anna Sinthetic. But at last could not be, and Aela had been only appeared in sketches. Maybe someday the complete scene comes true. In any case, here is Lydia. If want to know more about, take a look to my facebook page…
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good fighter is Iydia

Shame she is not portrayed as awesome in game. Excellent piece though form one of my favourite games.
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I love that you made her a southpaw in this piece.  I'm one too so I'm biased but still this art is awesome!
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I'm just now starting my Skyrim playthrough, so I think I'll be romancing the housecarl. She's a great warrior!
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Epic beyond all reason!
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Well... imagine all the stuff she has had to put up with.
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An actually good looking version of Lydia. I only ever used her once though, but shes alot better then Iona (bleh).
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I make lydia babysit my kids in whiterun. I dont want to accidently kill her so shes stuck at home XD
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she died in 7 minutes after I meet her
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Is that Megan Fox? I always knew she was in the game!
Amazing work! Love the dynamism, your realistic style and the dramatic composition, wow! ^-^
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Wow, it's so hard to find fan art of the actual characters within Skyrim! It really has some cool NPC's, especially within the guilds and your followers. I'm glad to see someone post something that's not an OC, and you drew her awesomely. 
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I play with PC mods, so i have her naked, in breezehome...FOREVER!!!
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I just can't
Pls teach me *o*
Srsly I can feel the fight in my blood this is so impressive 
Really good job *_*
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a very dynamic piece :thumbsup:
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Absolutely stunning. <3
Oh Lydia <3... I hate you Lydia.
But I love you.
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xD she causes this effect. But hmmm at last, I have to admit that I love her xD
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she kinda annoyed me in the game, so I hired Sven-the-Bard XD the art is awesome though, so dynamic 
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I hated her at first but after hours and hours of gameplay, I learned to love her xD. And J'zargo xD. In any way, thanks for your kind words.
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