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By Vandrell
Commission to :iconnicholas-mark-amos:

Long time has past since I painted a "Soul calibur" lady, and as always it was a pleasure. Particularly in this one because Scheherezade mixes my passion for soul calibur series and for "Record of lodoss wars" anime. Not in vain the original design of Scheherezade was made by Yutaka Izubuchi, one of the character designers of that anime.

About the illustration if want to know a little more about, see the line art, or some detail, take a look to my blog vandrellikariwarrior.blogspot.…
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amazing artwork. most of your artworks look like masterpieces. today drawing didn´t made me as much fun as it usually does. i´m drawing for 8(almost 9) years now. my problem is, that i sometimes dont like my style. i want my style to look like a professional japanese mangaka style does. is it possible, that i will love my style someday?
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I've aways been neutral about Scheherazade: on one hand, her design meshes well enough with Soulcalibur's aesthetic.
Angol Fear is retroactively a guest character from Sergent Frog (or Keroro if you prefer) which somewhat excuses her different artstyle, and Kamicantspellit's design is way to erratic for my tastes. 

On the other hand, she isn't as visually striking as Ashlotte (who ended up becoming canon per SCV!Astaroth's biography) and Shura ('cuz you just can't beat double-wielded katanas from the hand of Gantz' creator), who I can easily imagine coming back as full-fledged characters in a theorical SCVI.

Still, you did a nice job drawing her. =)
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oh wow i haven't seen any fan art of her before! Very good!
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que belleza de técnica!! n_n
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And you almost never see fan art of Scheherazade. Very nice. 
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I really love the colors and the atmosphere :)
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Thanks for your nice words ^^
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Nice!!! good job!!
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Wow, nice artwork, love elvesLa la la la 
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Yep, I love them too! Thanks ^^
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I don't like this character but you drawing is fantastic!!! I love it!!
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wonderful artworks you got :love: ! !
It looks like you work black and white, then you recolor it ? am i right ? :)
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I usually start the paint in some monochrome mode, normally in black and white, and In some early stage of the illustration, I put some colors in the brush mode that I feel more adecuate in this moment, usually overlay. Oh and thanks for your words and comment ^^
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Thank you so much for taking time to reply to your fans :) 
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Just gorgeous! The blending of color areas on the background is awesome!
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Soul Calibur rules!
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Yep, one of my favourite games of all time.
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