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Thanks to the people of imagineFX comes out the book Art of movies: Fantasy. Something very special for me, because it features some illustrations I've done related with the movie, Labyrinth. One of them, this one that I did recently. Want to know more about the illustration, or the book? Just take a little tour on my facebook page
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Sweet. Very dream-like feeling to it. Unique stuff.
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Por qué eres tan guay profe??.... Nos hundes en la miseria...
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xD que exagerada! Pero muchas gracias! Por cierto he estado stalkeando tu trabajo del curso de concept, esta la clase on fire por lo que veo xD No se si podré asomar antes de que se termine el curso, pero bueno sea como fuera, aunque por poco tiempo, encantado de haber coincidido con una class tan pro y chula :D
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La la la la 
Esperamos poder verte pronto por clase, que se te echa en falta.
(y mas contenta estoy yo de haber recibido clases de un ídolo de mi adolescencia XD)
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"Woah....I can't wait to see the Michael Bay remake."
"Man STFU."
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It never fails to amaze me that this fandom survives even 30 years later. This is beautiful art :clap: !
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A great classic movie ^^ Thanks for your kind words.
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Excellent work!
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Best new Labyrinth fanart I've seen in ages!
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Thanks for your kind words ^^
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This is amazing!!
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This is gorgeous and I love how it looks a little like she's an astronaut. 
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