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2015 - GOLDEN AXE 2

For the simple love to the pixel, here is my second tribute to the golden axe series, particularly to Golden Axe 2, exclusive of the sega mega drive. A lot of experimentation in some terms, and the perfect canvas to put together some of the things that I've been practicing in all my last works. Long live to golden axe!

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You can't see me, but I have tears of joy.

My brother and I used to play this together. I was Ax Battler and he was always Gilius. Those remain fond memories.

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hey man i like this pic!! can you give to me your permission to use this on a mainmenu mod for skyrim???

Oh, man how I love this game!

And you art is siperb!
(makes me to want to watch this _movie_) ;-)
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Excellent layout and light and dark rendering.
Every time I look forward to seeing your new work.
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Incredible. That's a Hollywood Fantasy Epic, right there!
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Realmente increíble. No tengo palabras para describir cuanto me gusta ésta mágnifica obra. Aplausos para Ud!!!!!!
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Gracias por regalarnos ante la vista otra gran pieza de tu magnifico trabajo con nada mas y nada menos que otro clásico del arcade de la old school. 
Si viene en camino el cover del Golden Axe 3 (y espero que si se venga por que muero de ganas por verlo) lo voy a poner como fondo de pantalla en mi escritorio por lo menos un año entero. :) Heart Heart Heart 
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Muchas gracias por tus palabras ^^ La verdad es que bocetos y ideas para otros muchos juegos de la época tengo, lo que me falta tiempo. Entre ellos como no, golden axe 3. Con lo que me gusta esta saga no te extrañe que algún día, lo termine pintando.
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Very impressive. Always nice to a good bit of Golden Axe art
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I really appreciate this work
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This is godly.
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An epic summation.
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Man !!!.... perfect !!! 
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This reminds me of that one artist, i cant remember his name. He painted scenes like this .
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There are so many artists that do that kind of compositions, but if  it reminded any of them, for me it's a great thing. Thanks!!
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Wow the master of masters, he redefined the concept of the illustration. Great!
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