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New series of illustrations based on retro video games.

With Burning force, Namco copies the Spaceharrier's formula, mixing it with some Galaxy force detalis, and give's the main role to a real pixel queen; Hiromi. For a kid about to enter puberty an entire claim.

If we add a soft difficult level, and gameplay a little more refined than other similar shooters, Burning force, although a little far of the excellence of other classics, became a hit parade in my particular top in the same way as others like arrow flash . Modest games, but hey, with his audience.

For all this reasons, was really easy to me fill all my ideas on this illustration. In my blog can find an alternate version of this one with Hiromi without her helmet glass.

If you want to see my megadrive cover version, more details or comments on the illustrations visit my blog. [link]


Con Burning Force, Namco fusilo sin compasión la formula de Spaceharrier, mezclándolo con algo de Galaxy force, y poniendo de envoltorio a toda una miss del pixel; Hiromi. Para un crio a punto de entrar en la pubertad todo un reclamo.

Si a eso sumamos una dificultad amable, y una jugabilidad algo mas refinada que otros shooters similares, Burning force , sin llegar a la excelencia de otros clásicos, se hizo un lugar en mi hit parade particular, casi de la manita de otros como Arrow flash. Juegos modestos si, pero oigan, con su publico.

Por todo lo dicho supongo que me costó bastante poco soltar toda la idea mental que siempre me ha transmitido este juego, esa carrera constante hacia delante petando robots de diseño retro televisivo. Es precisamente en el detalle del robot y la escena inspirada en el primer nivel del juego, donde me despache a gusto. En mi blog podeis ver una version de Hiromi sin el visor del casco. [link]
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I still have that game for the Genesis. Great game and I love your painterly style.
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este año hiromi cumple 25 años
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OH! 25 ya... eso me hace sentir algo mayor ya xD
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ok...este año voy hacer algo muy especial por ella
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Great. Now I can't get the 1st Day music out of my head.
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A great tune for a great game ^^
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G-Force! eso si trae recuerdos! Una pieza genial.
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Muchas gracias ^^
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greatwork very beautiful
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is always a pleasure
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¡ahh hiromi tengenji!
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A lovely character :)
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y yo que pense que te gustaba mas al estilo anime juajauaja
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I lovethe look of this I cant wait to see moar!
I love it someone remembers alot of these flying shooters ^_^
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It's always funny remember the child days with this tributes. Thanks :D
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I would so love to play this game.
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