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New series of illustrations based on retro video games.

Schoolgirls in short skirts, fantasy worlds, evil guys with impossible shoulder pads, and a lot of color haired people. Lot of things that could define this series, Valis. A couple of games that for many reasons, in his day made fall me in love with them (particularly Valis 3).

If you want to see my megadrive cover version, more details or comments on the illustrations visit my blog. [link]


Nueva serie de ilustraciones basadas en videojuegos retro.

Colegialas de falda corta, mundos de fantasía, malvados con hombreras imposibles, y pelos de colores. A groso modo así podría definir en esencia esta saga, Valis. Serie de juegos que por muchos motivos, en su dia me enamoro profundamente ( en particular Valis 3).

Si quereis ver la version portada megadrive, detalles o mas comentarios sobre la ilustracion visitad mi blog. [link]
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"Evil guys with impossible shoulder pads"

One of reasons why i love 80's and 90's anime :)

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aaaaaaahhhhhh... asi que tu eres el autor de esta ilustracion.. realmente no hay mucho de valis y esta es de lejos de las mejores que he visto y las que mas me encanta

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If only western cartridge labels were like this back in the day. They barely represented anything seen in the actual game.
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Thank yoy for making this :D It made me really happy to see your fanart, amazing!!
How do you do the strands of hair?
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This is an absolutely amazing work of art! I have been a fan of the Valis games since the first time I played Valis II on the old Turbografx CD, and out of all the different fan art I've seen done for it over the years this has to be the most breathtaking, amazing, and also completely true to the games, of the whole lot. If Valis I was done as a live-action movie this is how I can imagine it looking... and it is precisely that realistic, movie-like quality that sets this piece of art apart from all the others and makes it special. I am happy to add this to my favorites! It is truly incredible.
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This is just so freaking amazing I'm practically in tears. The Valis series is one of my all time favorites, and has been since I was a kid. You're an unbelievable artist; just phenomenal.
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¡ Muy hermoso y realmente impresionante !
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Muchas gracias ^^
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Okay, that's just incredible.
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Omigod yesssss. This was my childhood right here o3o I just got the emulator for my computer so I've been replaying them too xD This is beautiful.
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Oh, wow. So much dedication to Valis, here. Loooooove. <3
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Valis deserves it. Thanks ^^
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Tremenda pieza de arte, como todo lo de tu portfolio. A favoritos! Es genial ver que todavía se recuerde a Fantasm Soldier Valis :D
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Hombre era un juegazo :D Muchas gracias!!
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Ok, much love on this one.

Again you take these retro games and turn them into what good look like movie posters from a previous era. Amazing work.
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Much love. MUCH LOVE to this piece.

Like everyone else, this series needs to make a comeback.
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A good comeback, not those awful hentai games, would be really great. Thanks for your words
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