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Kingdom Hearts- Sora Carefree Days

I wrote a Long description for this, but DA deleted it for some reason :/
*tries again*

This photoshoot was crazy XD Despite what it looks like in the photo, it was actually a stormy day. The wind was relentless and we had to hide from the torrents of rain three times until it cleared up again. There were brief moments of sun and we ran to get photos, but the majority were taken in the storm.
The best/scariest part of this photoshoot was the fact that there were at least two sharks swimming around. *Saiaphi and I didn't know that the beach we went to was a common feed ground for tiger sharks because it is near the river and sharks love murky water. Luckily, we didn't go too far into the ocean and made it out in one piece!

Myself as Sora from Kingdom Hearts II
Costume was bought off EBay, but has since been altered by me
Wig styled by *twinfools
I didn't bring my Sora shoes because they would have taken up most of my suitcase space XD

Photo taken by :iconsaiaphi:

Location: Wailua Beach, Kaua'i, Hawaii

A short video of what the weather was like during the photoshoot:

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looks like a perfect day
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Sora be all swinging :D
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Wow these photos look great~!

Wind + wigs = majorly suckish though...I cosplayed Thousand Sakura Miku this year to Anime Boston, and let me tell was windy and cold. And my hotel was about a 15+ minute walk away. One hand holding the pigtails, another holding the skirt down and all the while I'm just hoping that the wig wouldn't fly off my head! When I finally got to the con center, the wig was pretty much a tangled mess that my friend spent like 20 minutes combing out for me while we waited in line for a panel. .......Yeah. Wigs and wind, I feel your pain.

And I will never cosplay Miku again. 8I
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You look like you're on freaking Destiny Island. This is so cool!
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I don't think anyone could do sora cosplay better than you, :D even going to Hawaii proves how dedicated you are
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Wow, this is like AMAZING :D I cosplay Sora also but I can never find a spot like this to take perfect pictures, wish I lived near Hawaii! >.<
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:la: aw goodness :D
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lol, you could have put things inside the shoes to save space XD awesome picture too!
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Unfortunately, the way the shoes are made, I only have room for my feet. So I could have maybe fit a pair of socks in them and the rest of the shoes would just be taking up space.
And thank you :D
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so awsome!!!! XD where did u take that pic??
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Thank you! :) It was taken in Kauai, Hawaii :)
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really a nice or should i say beautiful picture
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Your welcome pretty
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your welcome nova
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holy cow with the sharks i would of been scared out of my mind,then my boyfriend would convince me to do the picture quickly but this picture is so beautiful
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Lol I was pretty freaked out to go in the water to be honest, but had to get good photos lol
And thank you! :heart:
nova this is a beautiful picture of u.... you have no idea how much i look up to u and twinfools and Valdrein u three r my cosplay hero's i wish i could meet u guys sometime the costumes tht u guys make r unbelievablei love every video tht u guys make
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