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Fail Number 1337

By Vandiward
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Character  Ellie Rose
You escaped the wall and got the Ghost Inmate rank! Hurray! But... You feel like you forgot something... Eh, probably nothing important

A big friend of mine got me the Henry Stickmin collection a while back and... I really liked it! I thought it was pretty charming and fun! Too bad there's not that much replay value but... Oh well.

I really like Ellie, she's adorable and I won't let the fact that she's a stick person keep me away from my fetish needs! This will probably get me in a couple of cringe comps but it's worth it. I only make fanart of things that I like.

I hope you enjoy this pic as much as I enjoyed making it and as much as I enjoyed playing the collection! (Which is a lot btw)

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I personally thought Alice Hamilton (that brunette news reporter from Pure Blooded Thief + Ghost Inmate) was cuter, but to each their own...

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If possible can you make another of Ellie getting her feet tickled

solidservine97's avatar

You madman. You made stick figure feet? And it works and looks amazing???

I fucking live it dude holy shit. I loved henry stickman a long time ago and you just made great memories resurface with this. Great work! ♡

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Oh My God, this is amazing.

Vandiward's avatar

Glad you think so!

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I've been distracted

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We need more Ellie art!

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I think she looks SO cute in your art style , definetly a great work there!

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Thank you very much!

TydelTheRoilu's avatar

Really like how well a Stick Figure of all designs works with your art style. After a bit of trial and error, I'm sure others will be able to make it work with theirs.

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Well thank you!

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This would definitely explain why she's so pissed in the tophat ending
Vandiward's avatar

That could be a reason, yeah

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why didn't you take the high ground ya git

Now you get to burn a very slow and painful death
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Ellie has got VERY beautiful soft smooth ticklish bare feet!!


She's a supercute giggly redhead 🥰

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Glad you think so!

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