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Depth and Atmosphere TUTORIAL


Hey, finally another tutorial to the collection!!

This is also a guide for the use of the Atmosphere generator.

Other tutorials:

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Peeerfect. I start matte painting next year so I want to learn how to add depth to my landscapes/backgrounds. :3
Skyblue10's avatar
Thanks soo much! This is so helpful!
vandervals's avatar
You are wellcome :)
perania's avatar
Thank you for this, very informative))
TayyFox's avatar
awesome , just what i need <3 thank you
NEJOS's avatar
You deserve a DD!!! way to go! this is an amazing tutorial!
vandervals's avatar
Thank you! ^^
I really hope you are right!
If you have any doubts I'll be glad to answer them
NEJOS's avatar
Thanks for your kindness! you´re an awesome teacher hehe! ;)
MaximumDoodie's avatar
this is amazing, thank you so much for putting together such an amazing tutorial :meow:
SooCatArt's avatar
omg this is so awesome!!!! ill sav this to my tutorial stuff so i can come back and read it again ;P
MrSpanyard's avatar
Es muy buen tutorial, no lo pongo en duda para nada.
¿Pero puedes darme algún detalle o información más sobre profundidad aplicada, por favor? Es una gran carencia en mis intentos de dibujar, y me gustaría aprender de los mejores, tú pareces muy bueno con esto.

Si no puedes, ¿podrías recomendarme otro tutorial, inglés Internet o dónde sea) que expanda la valiosa información que has expuesto aquí?

Gracias y un saludo.
vandervals's avatar
Te recomiendo el libro de J Gurney.
Sobre teoría del color digital tengo uno que estoy intentando publicar pero de momento nada...
LyraAGS's avatar
Very cool this tutorial!!
vandervals's avatar
Thanks to you for reading. I'm submiting a new one this week.
consine's avatar
This is a great resource - thank you! :)
Kitanokata's avatar
Thanks a lot for the tutorial. It's a great help.
You are a god among men!
FireYuuki's avatar
Now I'm seeing the perspective din a different way! Thanks!
MegaAnimeFreak7's avatar
Why has this not gotten a DD yet? :iconwthplz:
vandervals's avatar
becaushee... .. .... I dunno really .__.
philippeL's avatar
Very handy tutorial :nod: Thanks for sharing
VALUmon's avatar
This is a excellent tutorial! Its really beautifull and I enjoy the pictures and the tutorial!
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