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Wow, what a weekend. I am well and truly exhausted, got a cold and it’s raining…not as bad as the rain on Saturday, but I’ll get to that later!

We made it to London and the Hotel for around 2.30pm. Pretty much unloaded our bags of stuff that wasn’t needed in the Comic Con and headed straight out. Queining not a problem, took 15mins tops to get our weekend wristbands. Straight inside and…the place was big. Much bigger that what I’ve experienced before at other cons. Which is no suprise really.

This was the day we did our shopping. My poor poor wallet. I ended up with:
- Various prints
- Keychains
- A Dragon Ranger (Green Ranger in MMPR) figure that I couldn’t pass up.
- xxxHolic Rei Manga Vol 1
- Two Genki Gear T-Shirts including the MCM May 2014 Exclusive
- A fluffy blue Alpaca
- Tsubasa Chronicle Season 1 DVD Box Set
- Code Geass Season 1 Box Set
- Flareon and Jolteon plush
- A Chibi Seto Kaiba Figure
- A Pikachu figure

We had food inside and basically wandered around for the rest of the day until the event closed. In which we found chairs, before going to the nearest local shop to pick up a few bits for breakfast next morning, water, etc. On the way we saw a Lopmon cosplayer, who told us about a Digimon meet on Sunday morning.

We played some games in the hotel room before trying to sleep. The duvet was too darn hot. Once you threw the duvet off…you were cold. So lack of sleep Friday night.

We got up at 6am, ate breakfast and I changed into my Vamdemon cosplay. The mask and bat plagued me all weekend with ‘flopping’. When the event opened, I met Wendee Lee, got an autograph and a pic with her! So I was pretty happy with that. While in the queue I saw a Tailmon cosplayer. That was fun. Spotted her a little while afterwards and got a photo with her.

It didn’t take long for it to get really busy inside. However I did manage to get a Piyomon plush. Before lunch we went back to the hotel so I could change out as I got too hot in the costume. When we headed back, we had lunch and then went to a Pokemon meet. So many Pokemon cosplayers, some really, really nice costumes. Including a Bird Jesus and the False Prophet that was Flareon. Poor Red was ‘Anarch’d and Democrary’d to oblivoin. It was brilliant to watch. I did get some nice pictures from this, some didn’t come out right due to the light and my camera isn’t great.

We decided to stay outside of the con due to the fact it was very busy. The lines outside were snaking all the way to the back of the building and then some! We saw other cosplay meets around and about. We found a place to sit down outside on a wall in the middle of the afternoon…until it started to rain…the rain soon turned to a torrential downpour with hail and thunder.

We got a little bit of cover, not that it did us any good. We got soaked. My jeans were wet up to my knees. I know a lot of people complained that staff were not letting people back in. We did get back in with our wristbands at the pyramid enterance. Although by that point we were so wet I don’t think it mattered lol. When it had eased off, we went back and changed at the hotel. I did feel sorry for everyone that had their cosplays ruined or got soaked. Hopefully MCM can sort re-entry a little better next time.

We decided to stay at the hotel after the rain incident for a while, before doing bits and bobs for the rest of the afternoon / evening. Most of it is a blur after the rain lol. We did go to the resurant and had tea in there. For desert we had this rather large chocolate sundae, darn that was really nice.

We got up at 7am. Although again another night of ‘too hot, too cold’. I really don’t know how I survived lol. I wore my Vamdemon outfit again, ready for the Digimon meet. We got in early and sat around, before going to the meet. There was a Miyako, A Koushiro, A Young and Older Hikari, A Yamato, a Jenrya and a Takato. An Angemon did arrive later, however the poor guy’s wings wouldn’t go back on which was a shame. We had a little photoshoot before we went and did our own thing.

Had lunch and looked around again a bit, before meeting up with more people. Played a bit of Pokemon and traded with another girl. She needed a Shaymin, so I traded one of mine and got a Sh. Lugia out of it. So that was pretty cool. We walked around again for the afternoon before heading back to the hotel. Not before buying a Pokemon Cookie tin and a Strawberry Shortcake KitKat! After changing and resting for a bit, we went out for tea and ate that around the Excel centre before going back to the hotel.

We a few people in the lobby, before going back to our room a bit. Went back to the lobby in the evening and met up again. We were up doing daft things til around midnight, in which we decided to turn in and went to bed. I slept a little better Sunday night.

The time to leave, which was pretty sad. We got up at 7.30, made sure we packed everything. We left the hotel around 9.30, made good time to the train station, ate while there. I got to see Platform 9 3/4 which was awesome. We got an earlier train than planned and it started to rain as we were waiting at Retford for the last leg home. When I got to the Sheffield Train Station, I nipped to Burger King before jumping in a Taxi Home. I uploaded the photos I did take and I slept really really well last night.

Now to start sorting the stuff I bought and bought at the weekend!

Hope to do this again at some point!


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Hey Vande, Sorry I was busy or if so, I kinda hope you know I miss ya ok.
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