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Hello there!
It's been a while since I offered free art requests.

This time, to not overload on work.
All of my friends and followers are invited to participate on this giveaway.

The rules are as follows:
1.Only one person will receive this giveaway.
2.if you win. you can pick between a mugshot/profile picture or pixel animation (might take forever).
3.The more people who join, the more frequent I offer these giveaways.
When something starts as simple and empty as this

Moves forward to this

Join the discord server for future updates!

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Hey everyone!

I decided to make a server for the game!

Cee Ann - Copycat
Today, a demo was released!

What game?

This game!!

Title: All down to this.
Music: No 18
Time: 2:15
Style: Retro
Game: Copycat

What is right?...
What is wrong?...
What is good?...
What is bad?...

What is life!?
What might happen in the future?
What might happen now!?
Where is everyone!?
Where did everything go?
Where am I!!?

(Why are you gone!?
Why do I have a shadow!!?
Why is everything so quiet?
Why is the night sooo cold? )(x2)

(Where are you now? Why do I miss you?
I should let you go just now, is the right )(x2)

(Why are you gone!?
Why do I have a shadow!!?
Why is everything so quiet?
Why is the night sooo cold?)(x2)


(I'm going to an end!
You are going to the other!
And in the middle there is nothing!!
So I can let you go now)(x2)

(And nobody is gonna stop you now
I'm not gonna do it either!)(repeat to the end)
(Everything is done!) (background voice on 2nd time, repeats too)
Character's name: TO BE DEFINED
CopyCat fullbody by Vandagen
Class: C
Data: By far the best to fight normal enemies, most of his abilities won't allow him to attack, while the others are too weak or make him vulnerable if failed. He got equipped with a long range weapon as robot helper. His sword can use some attributes such as fire and ghost types. His dash can easily dodge almost any attack. Most skills require certain timing and is not a rival against extreme situations, yet is given a chance to learn by copying the opponents and create the perfect combat attacks on his own style.

Original skills:
Sword attacks
Wall jumps

Extra skills:

Special skills:
Wall slide
Sword slash in mid air
Dash 'n Slash in mid air
Shoot commanding while wall jump

Learnt in game:
Rising uppercut
Rising kick
Electro dash
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Is anyone up to make a deal and draw for 22-24 EUR?
I will offer a steam code with that amount for art.
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As you may know, I'm working on a game named Copycat.
Right now I have released a demo and I would like some feedback to make it even better!
Copycat Banner V02 by Vandagen

Size: 10MB
System: Windows
Gamepad support: yes
Customizable buttons: yes, except gamepad.
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They are "The End".

I lost everything I loved.
My friends backup for me when I'm depressed, but this feeling won't leave me alone.
everytime I feel happy or everything goes good, I realize I'm more alone than before.
They are all fading out and soon to be all gone.

I start to wonder if I should disappear along with them or try and stay strong till I can no longer take my loneliness anymore.
It's a hard decision, because I'm used to see them everyday, but I'm learning to be a loner lately.

I find myself leaving the places that I used to use often, meeting the friends I have and my hobbies dying.

Sometimes I feel like is time to leave the internet, but sometimes I want to show what I feel through art, games, music, etc.
I really like seeing new things, but is getting real dark lately.

Right now I'm getting focused to be busy with more irl things, so I won't let this feeling take over.
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There's no time for anything!
I can barely do a thing...
I don't do anything interesting...

I tried making my game the past month, but I don't do much
I try to talk with friends, but they are gone to sleep
I try to draw, but I get depressed
I try to listen to music, but I keep playing the sad songs

The friends I have are here when I'm gone.
My work gets me isolated from people most of the day.
My depression gets bigger everyday, because I can't stand being alone for too long (weeks or months).

I don't use twitter, because most of the time I have nothing to say.
I don't use youtube, because I have nothing to show
I don't use discord too long, because I'm busy most of the time.

I just...
I try to keep up with this...

if I had to describe my day, it would be food, work and sleep.
Everyone sleeps when I arrive home...
I don't see them in the mornings and they are sleeping when I'm back...

Sometimes I just step back and think about the things I do everyday.
I try to forget about everything...
I just forget things...
Many things...
and then my depression is gone.
but when I remember it...
It comes back to me...

Sometimes I look at the things I have...
and sometimes I feel like I have everything I need
but I have no reason to use it anymore
or nobody to share with
to be honest I don't have much, but is what I need everyday...

I wonder if my memories cause my depression
I look back at the things that left me and I don't feel well
Many friends gone, my hobbies almost null, my interests into nothing
I keep learning more things, many things, but I don't know why do I need it...
There's no motivation anymore...
No reason at all...

I will lay on the bed and forget everything , then I will face the sad truth again...
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I'm tired of everything
Tired of myself...
Tired of being alone
Tired of this feeling...

Working for myself...
Nobody to care for
Nothing to live for

Just memories...
Sad memories...
Past mistakes

Small accomplishments

Little goals

Tired of being alive...

Trying to keep up

Leaving everything behind...

Even my joy...

All for nothing but myself...

All feels gone...

So empty...


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It was the year 2045, the gates of hell were open, the path to the underground was sorrounded by flames and darkness, the lost souls that arrive will follow the path as if they were machines: dead feelings, no interests at all, no urge to escape, but to reach the end.

The Guardkeepers hold the souls in place in case that something happens, yet... there are some missing souls in the way. It's been a while since this happened, the count went to two thousand in matter of time.

From all the guardkeepers Vanity was chosen to do the task to bring them back, but nobody knows why or where did they go.

It's matter of time before we find the cause that started long time ago...

As soon as Vanity was given the task, he prepared his special scythe:
[ENHANCED WEAPONS] - Revenant Scythe by Vandagen
the most valuable and powerful among the guardians, but the most unstable too: this scythe used to hold a curse that makes the owner to become sadistic, but now that he mastered this weapon, he's able to take control over its total power.

The doors opened and he saw the huge field of darkness that nobody has explored... the monsters that weren't tamed yet wander around.
He went through the darkness using a special skill named Magma 6.

It's been 4 hours... nothing yet...

He soon started to realize that there was no footsteps or leftovers in the area, but an unknown presence fading and coming back.
After another 10 minutes he started to listen to the black void of space... then he found the way.

3 hours passed, nothing was found yet, but the sound started to become clear... As he reached the source, he saw a well. Before deciding to jump in it, a blast of blood-like flames went out of it.

Vanity was aware of the danger that was waiting for him, but still, he decided to jump and started to swirl the scythe, creating a powerful spiral of wind, as he touched the land he fell to a secret gate, this time he used the scythe to stop himself from falling and take a breath from the sudden event, then went down again, this time he was about to land on some kind of green-like sticky water with some hands coming out of it, he cutted them immediately before touching it and proceeded to walk on some kind of sewer.
After going through a gate, he started to hear something flowing on the water, it was giant undead piranha going after him, soon he started to ran away, cutting the obstacles that were stopping him, but after being outnumbered he fell into the water, soon the scythe started to call with a sadist power, Vanity took that power within his body, increasing his speed and strength, getting away from what was holding him into the water, he soon ripped it with his own hands, took the scythe with him and started to cut the monster with a ferocious whirlwind, breaking the undead into dust.

Soon he turned around and went on his way to seek the source of the unknown call of darkness.

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I have noticed a lack of updates in most of my games, so I would like to show the current progress made so far.


An endless running game

A game in progress, is about to be finished soon and to be ported to android soon.


An adventure through platforms, hazards, enemies and bosses

The development of this game is going to stop as soon as the victory screen is done.


A command based RPG game



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Vanity +Revenant Scythe [FINAL] by Vandagen
Name: Vanity
HP: 20,000 (The maximum is 55K)
Age: 776 (can live 10K years)
Souls collected: 1.2K
Occupation: Guardkeeper, Soul Keeper
A guardkeeper in one of the gates of hell: sorrounded by darkness, blinded by the void that wanders in this space, the only purpose to kill those who try to avoid its punishment. The scythe represents purity and essence from the owner, it can take as many shapes, but keeping their scythe-like appearence.
Vanity is a male Solstice (Read design for Solstice species) that takes place in the 13 tower of the gates: the first where the lost souls arrive and the last that was created from the big tower's circle.

Ascended from punishing all the mortals in hell to be a Guardkeeper of one of the bloodstone towers.
Learned from the previous Guardian: now Vanity serves the tower with their speed and determination to keep all the souls in place: there's no corners to hide, there's no way to escape, there's no way that someone can beat their speed in hell!


A silent and strategic being, can determine everyone's strengths and attributes in matter of time, will only talk when needed and can be very mysterious when speaking about his origins and/or scythe, he will use riddles everytime someone touches the topic.

Vanity has a sadistic way to fight enemies, his victim's agony pleases to him and it won't be stopped till the the last one is dead. if the opponent shows to be tough, he will start to use spells and and use the Scythe's spike as a lance, their mood will become more serious and completely silent.


This is a closed species named "Solstice" (let's hope the name isn't taken already), created by Vandagen (me).
The mouth is short like a cat snout, the ears are kind of big and look like curved horns, it becomes thinner at the end of the tips.
The eyes:
-the sclera: matches the color of their inner body (like the inisde of the ears)
-the iris: is a really bright blue (almost white)
-the pupil color: which is really close to white (and almost matches the iris, but has contrast).

The entire body is covered by short fur, the dark blue on the back of the torso and shoulder is fur too, added for aesthetic design.
The tail fin's purpose is to match it's strength on the high reflexes.

In overall: The solstice have a compact and aesthetic body, they are versatile and have a high knowledge.


  • Strength: 10%
  • Defense: 20%
  • Speed: 70%

Immune to:

Elements: Fire, Ice, Water, Thunder, Darkness
Status effects:
  • Death (spell)
  • PoisonCurse (Unable to use weapon)
  • Blind (Low aim rate)
  • Silence (Can't use spells)
  • Reverse (Any attacks)
  • Paralysis
  • Petrify (Turned into stone)
  • Freeze
  • Sleep
  • Slow
  • Zombie
  • Confusion
  • Manipulate

Weak to:

Elements: Wind, Light, Gravity
Status effects:

Strengths and Weaknesses:
He has a high reflex and speed, it's hard to land a hit on him as he can avoid attacks easily.
His defense and his physical attacks are really low compared to his spells (that's why he uses a scythe too).
His spells are the most powerful as he sacrifices Mana and his own Life, making use of constant items to heal sooner.
His body can heal as fast as his current life: the more, the faster.

Weapon: Revenant Scythe.
Damage: 500 (+50 per each normal soul)
Critical Rates: 49%
Weapon description:
A scythe made of souls of the dead, it consumes the enemy's life as the damage is dealt, it will fully recover when a opponent is killed. The damage is based on the number of souls consumed.
The scythe's length can extend a maximum of 2 and half meters, based on the user's life and strength.


  1. Void to the darkness: makes the opponent go blind and lose stability temporarily.
  2. Abysmal Nightmare: causes paralysis for 2 minutes.
  3. Magma Meteors: 5 Meteors will fall aimlessly near to the oponent: A direct hit causes 2K damage.
  4. Poison storm: the wind blows with poison, the storm makes it rain acid: adds poison effect to opponent and adds damage till is over.
  • Final flare: an imminent explosion will occur in the opponent's position (in their chest): causes 17K damage.


  • Soul consumer: it will take away the unnecesary HP of the user (when reaching limit) and store it for later use (Max storage is 5K).
  • 2 Blue potions of full healing.
  • 3 Purple potions of full mana.

Miscellaneous: (this info may lead to wrong results)

  • Height: 1.81 cm (ears not included).
  • Weight: 60 kg

weight that can hold/resist: 33 kg
height that can jump: half meter being slow or idle - 6 meters at full speed.

  • Speed:
  1. normal running - 20 km/h
  2. takes 12 seconds to reach full speed.
  3. full speed - max 120 km/h
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So a few days ago I made a journal about a Deviant artist making commissions for a few points. Here you can find the journal about it
They took around 150+ points from all the people.

I asked how to send the points as there was no comission widget and I got replied this:

So I spent 10 points and was the first on the list

I didn't got a note or notification, they just deactivated their account.
This was their profile page:

While digging a bit more, I found some alt accounts:
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1 DRAWING (and 1 object, character, but only ONE) PER PERSON


Note: I can decide to go for vector or pixel art, depending of the request.
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So, I was looking around and found this nice journal from a Deviant :3

They are making character headshots for 10 points! go and take a look to get your own too! :)

Spread the word! maybe there's someone looking to comission too! ^^

<da:thumb id="681486758"/>
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but now I'm working on a big project!

Winter is a discordapp bot that does self moderation, provides the RPG game that you are seeing above and more!
This project was started from a month ago or more (can't remember exactly) and is an extended a recreation of the Core-X project (the pvp game). A bit too limited but now balanced to grind without limits.
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A game started in June 8, 2016

Copycat is a game about Speed, Power and Accuracy.

The game allows to use multiple skills and combine them together: Kill enemies, collect energy cores and unlock all of them!
This version has walljump enabled, and running as power up.

Note: The game is still a prototype!

Download: Dropbox link - Build X

Progress journal (too many gifs!!).

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Copycat - Title by Vandagen
A game started on June 08, 2016

The game started as simple as this:


I jumped to this!

AND THE LATEST UPGRADES!! (Too hyped sorry!)

The game is still running and I hope to add even more!
The game can be played with a keyboard or a controller and the size is below 5Mb!
I will post a link soon... or you can google an early demo (walljump not included and possible rage).

oh btw I'm glad to thank Mishakiara for the motivation when drawing the sprites and Meyliiin for drawing the char on her style! <da:thumb id="627984706"/>
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So I have a lot of projects in progress.

HUGE WALL OF VIDEOS, GIFS AND some little text...


[Mockup] Rpg mix - Neoregex of power (WIP) by Vandagen Crystalia - Progressive update by Vandagen
Definetly a nice idea that I want to finish, basically a mix of Online rpg with Demon's wrath (but this is not online...yet?).
So I will start working on it, hoping that I will make most of the engine in a few days. Oh btw, the char on the right is going to be part of the story or something like that (I need to think about it).

Online RPG
This is definetly some good material, but I started to slow down.

Spaceship game
So I had to rush myself to finish in time,It has awful controls and lack of enemies. it was my first time coding lasers so it was nice.

Platformer game (Sidescroller shooter (?))…
I was messing with the lighing, I'm not sure what to do with these. Also, I want to work on some tiles, but I don't know where to locate this battle area.

Demon's wrath (RPG)
Still not sure... I started it, because I had something cool in mind (now I don't remember...oh wait!). The purpose was to make friendly AI with custom weapons! Soo I stopped working after I finished these.

Elion's flame (Bullet hell(?))

So this is a thing I wanted to complete, it lacks of a background and I wanted to animate the dragon (I should have...). btw this is not my kind of games, so I can't tell what to do.

The Underworld

This is definetly a dead project that used to feature 2 characters and online achievements.
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