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Vanity +Revenant Scythe [FINAL] by Vandagen Vanity +Revenant Scythe [FINAL] by Vandagen
Vanity +Revenant Scythe [FINAL] by Vandagen (print image)


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Name: Vanity
HP: 20,000 (The maximum is 55K)
Age: 776 (can live 10K years)
Souls collected: 1.2K
Occupation: Guardkeeper, Soul Keeper
A guardkeeper in one of the gates of hell: sorrounded by darkness, blinded by the void that wanders in this space, the only purpose to kill those who try to avoid its punishment. The scythe represents purity and essence from the owner, it can take as many shapes, but keeping their scythe-like appearence.
Vanity is a male Solstice (Read design for Solstice species) that takes place in the 13 tower of the gates: the first where the lost souls arrive and the last that was created from the big tower's circle.

Ascended from punishing all the mortals in hell to be a Guardkeeper of one of the bloodstone towers.
Learned from the previous Guardian: now Vanity serves the tower with their speed and determination to keep all the souls in place: there's no corners to hide, there's no way to escape, there's no way that someone can beat their speed in hell!


A silent and strategic being, can determine everyone's strengths and attributes in matter of time, will only talk when needed and can be very mysterious when speaking about his origins and/or scythe, he will use riddles everytime someone touches the topic.

Vanity has a sadistic way to fight enemies, his victim's agony pleases to him and it won't be stopped till the the last one is dead. if the opponent shows to be tough, he will start to use spells and use the Scythe's spike as a lance, their mood will become more serious and completely silent.


This is a closed species named "Solstice" (let's hope the name isn't taken already), created by Vandagen (me).
The mouth is short like a cat snout, the ears are kind of big and look like curved horns, it becomes thinner at the end of the tips.
The eyes:
-the sclera: matches the color of their inner body (like the inisde of the ears)
-the iris: is a really bright blue (almost white)
-the pupil color: which is really close to white (and almost matches the iris, but has contrast).

The entire body is covered by short fur, the dark blue on the back of the torso and shoulder is fur too, added for aesthetic design.
The tail fin's purpose is to match it's strength on the high reflexes.

In overall: The solstice have a compact and aesthetic body, they are versatile and have a high knowledge.


  • Strength: 10%
  • Defense: 20%
  • Speed: 70%

Immune to:

Elements: Fire, Ice, Water, Thunder, Darkness
Status effects:
  • Death (spell)
  • Poison
  • Curse (Unable to use weapon)
  • Blind (Low aim rate)
  • Silence (Can't use spells)
  • Reverse (Any attacks)
  • Paralysis
  • Petrify (Turned into stone)
  • Freeze
  • Sleep
  • Slow
  • Zombie
  • Confusion
  • Manipulate

Weak to:

Elements: Wind, Light, Gravity
Status effects:

Strengths and Weaknesses:
He has a high reflex and speed, it's hard to land a hit on him as he can avoid attacks easily.
His defense and his physical attacks are really low compared to his spells (that's why he uses a scythe too).
His spells are the most powerful as he sacrifices Mana and his own Life, making use of constant items to heal sooner.
His body can heal as fast as his current life: the more, the faster.

Weapon: Revenant Scythe.
Damage: 500 (+50 per each normal soul)
Critical Rates: 49%
Weapon description:
A scythe made of souls of the dead, it consumes the enemy's life as the damage is dealt, it will fully recover when a opponent is killed. The damage is based on the number of souls consumed.
The scythe's length can extend a maximum of 2 and half meters, based on the user's life and strength.


  1. Void to the darkness: makes the opponent go blind and lose stability temporarily.
  2. Abysmal Nightmare: causes paralysis for 2 minutes.
  3. Magma Meteors: 5 Meteors will fall aimlessly near to the oponent: A direct hit causes 2K damage.
  4. Poison storm: the wind blows with poison, the storm makes it rain acid: adds poison effect to opponent and adds damage till is over.
  • Final flare: an imminent explosion will occur in the opponent's position (in their chest): causes 17K damage.


  • Soul consumer: it will take away the unnecesary HP of the user (when reaching limit) and store it for later use (Max storage is 5K).
  • 2 Blue potions of full healing.
  • 3 Purple potions of full mana.

Miscellaneous: (this info may lead to wrong results)

  • Height: 1.81 cm (ears not included).
  • Weight: 60 kg

weight that can hold/resist: 33 kg
height that can jump: half meter being slow or idle - 6 meters at full speed.

  • Speed:
  1. normal running - 20 km/h
  2. takes 12 seconds to reach full speed.
  3. full speed - max 120 km/h
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June 25, 2017
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