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Vanity [Aug 23] Revenant Scythe [Enhanced Weapons] by Vandagen Vanity [Aug 23] Revenant Scythe [Enhanced Weapons] by Vandagen
Owner: Vandagen 
Drawing started since day 23, finished at 24.
Last version of this character with their respective weapon.

Name: Vanity
HP: 39,000 (The maximum is 55K)
Age: 1535 (can live 10K years)
Souls collected: 247K
Strength: 31%
Defense: 42%
Speed: 27%
Occupation: Lone wolf, Bounty Hunter of Hell.
After many victories, fights have become worthless, time matters and it must be used the right way. The scythe represents the essence of the owner in physical shape, but keeping their scythe-like appearence.


Male Solstice (Read design for Solstice species) that wanders around killing anything that defies it's fate to enter the big tower's circle.
A careless yet silent being, can create a strategy in short time. Open to talk anytime, but won't reveal any secrets or talk about weak points.

Vanity has no longer sadistic needs, now he will use spells as initial attacks and if the opponent shows to be tough: he will start to use his Revenant Scythe.

Weapon: Revenant Scythe [Final Upgrade].
Damage: 500 (+50 per each normal soul)
Critical Rates: 72%
Weapon description:
A scythe made of souls of the dead, it consumes the enemy's life as the damage is dealt, it will fully recover when a opponent is killed. The damage is based on the number of souls consumed.
The scythe's length can extend a maximum of 2 and half meters, based on the user's life and strength.

Basic spells:
  1. Big bang: Applies all status effects to an opponent by creating an explosion on them.
  2. Deep Nightmare: causes paralysis for 10 minutes.
  3. Magma Force: 12 Meteors will fall to the opponent from many directions.
  4. Earthquake: the opponent can't stand on the floor for 2 minutes.
Special spell:
  • Nova reflect: Counter attack with the last powerful attack from the opponent, increased 10 times (cannot be stopped or reflected).
  • Soul Core: it will take away the unnecesary HP of the user (when reaching limit) and store it for later use (Max storage is 20K).
  • 2 Blue potions of full healing.
  • 5 Purple potions of full mana.

Immune to:

Elements: Fire, Ice, Water, Thunder, Darkness
Status effects:
  • Death (spell)
  • Poison
  • Curse (Unable to use weapon)
  • Blind (Low aim rate)
  • Silence (Can't use spells)
  • Reverse (Any attacks)
  • Paralysis
  • Petrify (Turned into stone)
  • Freeze
  • Sleep
  • Slow
  • Zombie
  • Confusion
  • Manipulate
  • Berserk

Weak to:

Elements: Wind, Light, Gravity


This is a closed species named "Solstice", created by Vandagen (me).
The mouth is short like a cat snout, the ears are kind of big and look like curved horns, it becomes thinner at the end of the tips.
The eyes:
-the sclera: matches the color of their inner body (like the inisde of the ears)
-the iris: is a really bright blue (almost white)
-the pupil color: which is really close to white (and almost matches the iris, but has contrast).
The tail fin's purpose is to match it's strength on the high reflexes.

In overall: The solstice have a compact and aesthetic body, they are versatile and have a high knowledge.

Alyx-SKat Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is an interesting character. I'm thinking on make something similar for a character of a console game I'm designing. \>u</
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