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Stylish Music Player 1.1.3

By Vancruz06
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Stylish Music Player skin for Rainmeter
Version 1.1.3

Minimum requirements to use this skin :
 -  Rainmeter (verison 4.2)
 - Windows 7

4 variants (Full skin, Song info with controls on-hover, Album Cover, Controls)
 - 27 Stylish Background Designs
 - Custom color setting
 - Custom font setting
 - 7 Functions (Play/Pause, Next, Previous, Repeat, Shuffle, Media launcher, Settings)
        WMP and Spotify are not fully supported.
 - Progress Bar
 - Album Cover
 - Title, Artist, and Album info
 - Windows 10 style Settings

Current Version 1.1.3 (Jul 18, 2018)
  - Updated Spotify plugin version 2.1.5

Version 1.1.2 (Oct 18, 2017)
  - Bug fixed. Styles not showing on "Default Variant". 

Version 1.1.1 (Oct 9, 2017)
  - Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 1.1 (Oct 7, 2017)
  Added features:
  - Custom Fonts
  - 3 Variants
  - Shuffle, Repeat Functions (doesn't work on WMP, Spotify)
  - Improved background designs
  - Updated Spotify plugin version
  - You can now open your selected media player without launching the software

   - "Stop" function
   - Old Spotify plugin

Version 1.0 (Sep 14, 2017)
First Release
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DonoosaurNew Deviant

Is there any way you could make it compatible with tidal?

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WahLeedNew Deviant


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RavenJoie120402New Deviant

help the text wont show

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play and skip buttons functions really good

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hello, everything perfect and beautiful, I can't just make the progress bar work, can you help me in any way? (Spotify)

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Is there a way to change the colors allowed in the settings area on the player with my own selected color codes. I want to change the player buttons and controls with the color code " #486d87 color RGB value is (72,109,135)" and the text color to be " #66a169 color RGB value is (102,161,105)" and the static bar to be the same color as the control buttons. Is this possible to change these to colors to the exact colors I want and if so how. I have these color collected from the wallpaper and I also have these colors set to my weather skin and my time and date skin and would like them all to match. So if this is possible please let me know how. Thank You!

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works great but is very resource-intensive. Please optimize it. I was using it with windows media player.:fear:

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play and skip buttons functions really good

but i can't see any texts or the album cover and shuffle/repeat dosn't work

but i like it

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I can't see the song info.. all I see is the Spotify icon but all the buttons function properly

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RavenJoie120402New Deviant


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you have to go into settings and then player settings

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I'm also having this problem. Tried all player and music settings, but no info is showing up. It is registering Spotify, as the other types of players show the default text, while Spotify shows no text. So seems like it can register Spotify, just not the "Now playing" information.

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Using in windows10 and it keeps crashing.. help ASAP!! :(

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Hi, will there b an update soon? loving the skin, but wish it would show what song is playing too. Play buttons works fine, just need to update spotify connection.

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Button works, but i don't have song info etc.

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Gut gemacht, DANKE SEHR :highfive:

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No progress bar, but all song info, album cover, etc. working fine. Thank you!

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1.1.3 not working for me either. Changing PlayerName=Spotify in Variables.ini to PlayerName=SpotifyNowPlaying as suggested below makes the buttons work, but there's no song information, album picture or progress bar.

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yeah, same. did you find a way to make it work??

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is there any chance that plugin to load the covers for my local music that is uploaded to spotify..bc now shows only for onlin songs....I have tried milions players but non of them shows the cover for my local music...They all got covers and works and shows at spotify and other players...But not and with rainmeter plugins...Anyone to help me pls?
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Thank you for making such a great skin. Really top level stuff. Is there possibly a way to scale it's size? Or would that require editing every individual value for everything?
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Hmm i am having some big troubles, i just installed it but it don't show the song names or progress of the songs, also it doesn't show the album cover :(
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