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Ullanor Sketch Update: The Whole Gang

By Vanagandr
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Here's what's probably the final "sketch" portion of this piece. I uploaded it in black and white because I have to leave something for the final piece. From here on I'll start doing proper rendering. There are still a few things I want to fix. Lorgar isn't quite how I want him to be, and I need to fix a few characters so they match proportionally with each other how I want them to.
The other sketch-updates for this one are in my scrapbook.
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From left to right.

Angron [The Salty One]

Magnus [The Shit Australian Wizard]

Fulgrum [The perverted perfectionist that is envious of the Emperor's hair]

Mortarion [The One that Smells all the Time]

Sanguinius [The Emperor's Fabulous Hawk Boy]


Lorgar [The coir boy who copulates with books]

Rogal Dorn  [That Centurion]

Jaghatai Khan [aka sonic the primarch]*
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Просто хорошая картина, добавить особо нечего. Хотя, конечно, Сангвиний с Хорусом вам удались на славу... А если честно - то тут все примархи довольно хорошо отображены, причём безо всяких шуток.
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This is awesome, Lorgar would be a little less stone faced IMO, but I still love it
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Really amazing work done with it. I so much like your work.
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This is such an awesome job! Keep it up :)
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And yes, I know that they're not where they're supposed to be standing canon-wise. We'll just assume this is them briefly after arriving, prior to getting into parady positions...Or something.
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Magnus is so funny! I love their stance overall. The Primarchs would be hilarious like this, it looks like the cover of a comedy.

I'm not dissing yur work, I think it looks divine. But Magnus, LOL

"Fuck all this shite"
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Magnus has spells he could be studying and shit. I like to think he looks a tad less annoyed in the properly rendered version :p Though I did want to convey differing personality types with the different primarchs. Angron (in the finished version) will be mid rage-face-spasm. Magnus will be mystical and arms-crossed. Fulgrim will be a smug sun of a bitch because, well, it's fulgrim. Mortarion will be standing in the back witha  scythe because that's the extend of my knowledge of mortarion. Sanguinius and Horus will be having brotherly good times because that makes the whole thing more tragic. Lorgar will be standing with Illuminarum, getting off on how triumphant and holy it all is. Dorn will be srs business'ing. The Khan will be off at the back because noone likes the Khan.
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