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The Warmaster Horus

By Vanagandr
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Chaos desu!

A fun little one day fanart project in between apartment cleaning.

Horus and all other warhammer 40k bits are owned by Games Workshop.

Made in photoshop
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The greatest traitor to humankind.
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This comment section is corrupted by heresy!

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Ayyyy doing his classic pose
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Id love to see you do one of Angron taking down Leman Russ and the wolves! Or Conrad Kurze Fighting Gulliman and the Lion at the same time :)
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ALL Hail the Warmaster! The True Emperor of Mankind!
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Death To The False Emperor, Glory To Chaos! 
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Horus' story was a sad one IMO, he was once such a great man...and now look at him; that head used to have brown hair, he used to be dashing and handsome and now he is an ugly bald dude with some serious plug fetish. His armour used to be white and glamorous...and now it is as black as the abyss and covered in heads and skulls...the only thing the same as the old him is the coat of wolf fur on his back (though now it has skulls n stuff in it)
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Pretty sure Horus was always bald. Least he is at the beginning of the heresy books.
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no he wasn't, they never ACTUALLY say what he looks like in the HH books and besides even the first HH book IS in the later days of the Great Crusade, he has just become Warmaster; there is an entire era where he; fought beside his father in his youth, then led his own legion, then led multiple legions because they hadn't re-united with their own Primarchs yet. also there are multiple images as well as a portrait of him with short brown hair. also if you look closely at the cover of HH book "The Primarchs" you will see that he isn't entirely bald, he has dark brown hair at the back but not at the front (kind of like a stereotype monk). the only Primarch that were always bald were Ferrus Manus and Perturabo I think, even Angron had very short hair at one point. here is a portrait of Horus when he was young…
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Horus was the man. honor to his memory.

Let the Galaxy burn.
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It does not matter how the galaxy burns only that it does. - Horus Lupercal
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But then all you end up with is ashes of civilization...
...Which you turn into another one, which in turn gets burned down again.
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that is not ideology of heresy, it is to turn galaxy into hell and any living creature isn't safe from it. it is not from destroying some culture, it is total destruction of everything.

sanity is for weak
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That's not true either.

The ideology of Horus, why he started the heresy, was to save humanity and the imperium from the emperor.
He thought the emperor would betray humanity after seeing a real vision of the grimdark future in modern 40k in which the emperor became something like a god.
Horus thought the emperor had tricked everyone and used him and the imperium only to become this god in the end. So he had to do anything he could to stop that from happening and save humanity from this grim future.

He of course didn't realised that it was him who would make this future a reality, not the emperor.
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He is like a tree.... scary tree.... Very nice sir. cool artwork! :)
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Hehe. Giant bulky cataphractii armor will do that ;)
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Im not a fan of choas, but god damn this is good.
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Thank you kindly :)
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Great WORKS!!! Waiting new pict about WH40k!!!
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