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The Chambers Militant

By Vanagandr
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A fun little thing I've been fiddling with for quite some time now, in my off time. Took quite some time. The full three chambers militant of the Emperor's Holy Inquisition.
Done in photoshop. All the GW stuff is obviously copyrighted to them :)
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Always have loved the Inquisition. Even if you have nothing to hide you still have something to fear.
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And all the three say one thing: FOR THE EMPEROR!!!
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and meanwhile, Poor Eisenhorne is being witch-hunted by political rivals. The inquisition is its own worst enemy in many ways. All that power concentrated in so few people is GUARANTEED to breed serious problems.

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And then Grey Knights kill the Soronitas, bathe in their blood, wipe memories of Deathwatch and stoll off to cause more mayhem in Imperium.
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what? when did that happen??

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Yeah they say that story is not canon anymore guess it was to gross and stupid.....and they are right..
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Yes, they are. Why kill and mind wipe your allies when you can fight besides them and die together, for the Emperor!
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Thank god it’s not canon anymore.
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the space wolf looks like a badass
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Wohohooo, nice!
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No one expects the Inquisition! 
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Holly Terra!!!

You know you are f**ked when these three came to your doors.
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Well, if they do, it's pretty likely that you're a Xenos-Daemon-Heretic :p
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 (... I am curious as to if it's even possible to check all three of those boxes... ... I must now make it my life's mission to find out.)
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I think thats all redundant.
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Yay, Space Wolf Deathwatch veteran! Though would have liked him better with an axe ;)

But he is a bit out of proportion, I think.
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