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Sword Brother Rapheon Albrecht

By Vanagandr
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A sword brother entering battle in a holy relic of the chapter: An artificer wrought suit of Cataphractii Terminator plate.

Just a fun little side project next to some commissions. Done in Photoshop CS3. Black Templars are fun.
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always great to see Cataphractii pattern armor in a post-Heresy context
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A litte mix-up in your description ;) Artificer Armour and Terminator Armour are different kinds of armour: Artificer Armour is a master-crafted Power Armour, it is a standing name.

But nice pic!
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Artificer armor is just custom-crafted and highly specialized power armor. It exists in all sub-versions ;) Sure, in the rules, they are different things, but in the fluff Artificer-wrought terminator plate does exist.
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Is there a difference between Artificer and Master - Crafted?  I don't care about the tabletop / Deathwatch rules, but just in terms of lore.  And awesome piece, I like the snippet of another Cataphractii next to him.  And the servo skull which seems very Geiger-esque to me.  Great work!
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Nice work! Black Templars right?
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That's what it says in the description ;)
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wow. teh details on his armour are stunnning! :love:
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Thankye. It took a good deal of time to do.
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and it's worth it, it's magnificent!
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You do 40K so well!!! I can't wait for more!!!
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Thanks. 'S a good chance that I'll do more.
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That's great! Fantastic values.
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Thank you kindly :)
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You're most welcome. I shall have a look at the rest of your art!
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