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So, this is actually just a part of a much larger painting I've been working on for the funsies. Hopefully the full piece'll be done some time before the heat death of the universe.
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lotta work but looks great.
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epic work man, well done.
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I'd love to see a process piece of this once you're done! Great work! Really like the details on the cannoness' armor.
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that greyknight in the background sure looks imposing. all the fleur de lis and ornate bits look really 3d , nice work
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In the final piece (Which is about three times the size of this one) There's a Grey knight Termie a bit further to the right :p
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Absolutely amazing! I must say that I am very glad that you didn't make the sisters super sexual like many would. Also, the Grey Knight looks badass.
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They're still pretty attractive though
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Well, I figure that while a sister might be a pretty lady when starting out, being a regular human in the 40k universe kinda results in a good deal of scarring :p I was also a bit bothered by the instances of sororitas armor that didn't look like it could fit a person in it.
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Too true. I just really love this image, especially the details. It's good to see the sisters getting more, mature attention. Have you ever considered doing any xenos? 
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