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My life project Terra Aluvis is reaching a size that I can't manage all on my own anymore!

Hello, my dear followers :3
I want to share my ultra-long plan for 2015 with you - I'll need your help and support!

Anyone who is willing to help me, will be welcomed with open arms!

Please, take moment to read through my plans and it would be great if you could answer to the single points - thanks!

Unleashed by Van-Syl-Production


1) I want to extend the "team idea" from the mere translation team, that currently exists, to a real "Van Syl Production / Terra Aluvis team".

See the current Van Syl Production - Team Structure

Team tasks, I will gladly accept a helping hand with:
  • management
  • layout /website design
  • translation (german - english): TRANSLATORS NEEDED for Terra Aluvis (update)
  • beta reading
  • PR, organizing contests, trade fairs, expanding internet presence to other social communities, finding new crew members etc etc etc
  • first ideas and concepts for the Terra Aluvis RPG (another great sub-project that's to come)
  • something else

- Can you imagine to help me out with something? As for now I am only one person doing EVERYTHING. So I could use help EVERYWHERE, and even if it's only a bit here and there!
In the beginning it would be all on voluntary basis (apart from the translation), since I am still fighting badly to make a living from my art at all. But when Van Syl Production establishes itself more, I'll gladly offer a recompensation for your help.


2) And I want to motivate you, my followers, of course to be more active as well!

Community suggestions:
  • read and comment this journal ;)
  • fan contributions: like fan art, fan fics and cosplay (I will give you all information you need)
  • support me in the Terra Aluvis deviantart group that's to come in January
  • support me by reading my story, watching my art and listening to my music
  • give feedack, suggestions and hints
  • tell me your open wishes concerning Terra Aluvis ;)
  • fan translations of Terra Aluvis into other languages than english? (I will give you all information you need) - The fan translations would be of course available for free for anyone to read and enjoy!

- Can you imagine to contribute something? :)

I am no Hero by Van-Syl-Production


3) In January a Terra Aluvis Group will be (very likely) founded on Deviantart by me.

I need some contributors/moderators to help me out with it!

- Are you willing to help?

4) In January the group translation of Terra Aluvis into English language will start.

For that purpose I will open an online forum/bulletin board, to keep things better organized. I just don't know whether to make the forum accessable to all or only to the team members, since it will contain much WIP stuff.

- Would you be interested in a Terra Aluvis Forum where you can talk with others about misc topics around my story and follow the development more closely?

What the hell ... is this place? by Van-Syl-Production

5) Meet me alias Van Syl Production on German trade fairs 2015!

  • Queer-Gelesen (Autorenlesung, January, Wiesbaden)
  • DeDeCo (Anime/Manga Con, Feburary, Dresden)
  • Leipziger Buchmesse MCC-Kreativ (Books/Manga Con, March, Leipzig)
  • YaYuCo - not 100% sure yet - (Yaoi/Yuri Con + Autorenlesung, October, Dachau)

Will I see some of you there? :)
SPECIAL OFFER: Everyone from my Deviantart-followers who meets me on a convention will get a free little pencil sketch for their convention book! ;)

6) Publishing plans:

- Do you look forward to some of these? :)
Or would you wish to have something else, like T-Shirts etc. as well?

Where do you think you're going? by Van-Syl-Production

Thank you for reading. I look forward to your answers and wish you all a nice christmas time! :3

If you want to contact me, but don't want to comment openly, you can send me of course directly a note or an e-mail to nox[at]

Read you soon! ;)

- Nox

© 2014 - 2021 Van-Syl-Production
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Cloverdeer's avatar
I may be able to be a beta reader(that is, if you still need any extra hands). I can't speak or read German, though.(:iconsweatplz:)
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
as for english beta readers we have enough as for now, thank you~ :)
Dark-N-Wolf's avatar
I would like to help with the fanarts, I could make a fan translation into romanian :)
As well I can land a hand and contribute as a web designer( even web developer, don't know yet) since is my domain interest. I can't aford doing cosplays, but I can do some fanfics, but I need some information related to, um...everything?
I dont know very much about this project, but sounds interesting and I'm curious :)
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
hey there :)
thanks so much for your interest!
what languages dou you know? do you know german?
the story is currently being translated from german into english language and published there chapter by chapter. next month the first chapter should be out in english. then we will start a Terra Aluvis group here on deviantart too and fan translations into other languages will be open, too.
concerning fanarts and fanfictions: anytime *__* although you probably should definitely read into the story first, haha xD
check out the "read extracts" folder in the terra aluvis section in my gallery - there is some english stuff in there, too. the soundtrack section gives you an idea of the world out of a "different dimension" as well. just feel free to explore my deviantart page to get a general idea and see if you like what you find :)

concerning web developer/designer: we definitely need one, but it is a tough job for one person alone so far. but it would be great if at least we had someone to make general security updates here and there for the forum and v-server. at some later point we need a complete redesign of the van syl production website. but for the requirements I have we need at least two people in the website section.
if you want, we can switch to PN and continue talking there about further issues. (I'm no fan about writing novels in comments ;D)
Aelorn's avatar
I'll gladly help you out if you'd like.
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Hey there~

we have enough beta readers, but beside that we can use help on any end. where could you help? :)
Aelorn's avatar
I'd love to help with the rpg
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
the rpg is unfortunately only a theoretical project so far. I'm still gathering people for it, but most probably we won't start with it before like in 5 years or something like that. the team is so busy with the translation of the book series that we don't have time for the rpg yet. we are not enough peope yet in the team, so all forces available work together on the translation.
I can put you on the list of people interested for the rpg project, if you like. just send me a confirming email, and I'll get back to you via email when things start to get serious in the rpg section.

otherwise we really need some more german-english translators and some people for technical support. if you know someone who could help out there - please send them our way, thank you!
Ideathy12's avatar
I'll totally help you out by reading it after it's in English and through beta reading~
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Well THEN it's published :D
Tifa-Lockhart-1's avatar
I might be able to do some fan translating into french since it's my mothertongue :) (or a bit of fanart)
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
I look forward to any form of contribuition :3
although we all would have definitely more from a fanart - at first - since it's not so language specific
on the other hand french people will thank you for the translation :3
I guess it's absolutely up to you x3
Tifa-Lockhart-1's avatar
I decided to do some fanart once I get some time ^-^
Cadian40k's avatar
Bin erfreut, Teammitglied zu sein!
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Und ich freue mich sehr, dich im Team dabei zu haben! ^__^
Teddi-Shiru's avatar
Oh goodness, it'd be so fun to cosplay!! If only I had the time/money for it... ;u; Might be able to do some fanfics, though!! I can't wait until it's translated in English!!! :D
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
I know cosplay is sooo expensive! I tried myself, but I quickly realized, it's a "main hobby" - too expensive/time-killing for normal people to have beside other expensive and time-killing hobbies/projects.
But hey terra aluvis fanfics sound like fun :3 I'd gladly read them!
Sure, we're already working on the translation, right? xD
Teddi-Shiru's avatar
Hell yeah!! I can't wait!! :D Love all the art you make for it; I can only imagine that the actual story will be just as good, if not better. I'd /love/ to read all about it. :blush: Maybe in the future I could pull together some cosplay, but until then, I shall write fanfics and possibly some fanart when I get better at that. :squee:
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
I'm definitely looking forward to it ~ x3
Wynthorne-Wyvernae's avatar
The only thing I would be really good at would be the English beta reading, but I might be able to help out with some of the other non-technical things. I'd love to help out!
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Okay that sounds great! ;)
I could use another beta-reader (then we have 4 beta-readers, I think that's enough then).
I'll glady accept your help in other parts as well.
You might tell me what you are good in, what your hobbies/professions/strengths are or where you think youself could show initiative with?
As written above I've been a one-(wo)man-team until now, so I'll be very glad about any helping hand! There is much more than the mere creation of drawings, book and soundtrack after all (unfortunately - otherwise I could concentrate on just creating art!) to keep this project running and evolving it.
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