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EDIT#2: Commission work is on hiatus until further notice due to my full-time therapy. The commission list stays open for the time when I continue commission work. I apologize for the inconvenience.

EDIT: Please note, this commission info is kept up to date. I am always open for new commissions. Just contact me! :)
I added the official commission waiting list at the end of this journal so you have an overview about the gerenal progress and know your current position in the list.

Van Syl Production – Commission Prices

As freelance artist I do commissions for the following genre:

Fantasy – Science-Fiction – Boys Love – BDSM

… and all combinations you can imagine from it: concept art, scene illustrations, characters, creatures, venues, objects etc.
Typography and layout for book covers, t-shirts, websites, game cards, menu designs, banners, tatoos, manga comic strips etc. are possible too, as long as it is combined with illustration work (I don't do photomanipulation).
I offer semi-realistic and manga style – mostly digitally created, but traditional commissions are possible as well.
I am open to great projects as well as small commissions and look forward to working with you.
My commission process includes an extended service that leads you safely from our first briefing to your successfully finished illustration piece.

My official portfolio: van-syl-production.artworkfoli…

The price for the commission depends on: level of detail, complexity of background, complexity and number of characters, drawing style and general purpose of use.
You will be put on my waiting list (at the end of this journal) – count in around 2-3 months until your commission is finished. Priority commissions are possible, but are more expensive of course than the basic commissions – depending on whether you need it done in several weeks or several DAYS. With other words: I CAN draw through weekends and nights for your commission, if YOU are ready to pay the price for it. Otherwise relax and wait until your time has come ;) I don't have a limited amount of commission slots - I am always open for commission.

Examples for commission prices in the private and small commercial range (e.g. self-publisher):

(more layout work here: van-syl-production.artworkfoli… )

Terra Aluvis: Kapitel 1 by Van-Syl-Production  Commission: Freundschaftszone by Van-Syl-Production Terra Aluvis by Van-Syl-Production  S.O.S. - To Nowhere by Van-Syl-Production The Royal Command Structure by Van-Syl-Production Ancient Tale by Van-Syl-Production Commission: Tune In by Van-Syl-Production
Status Quo of Terra Aluvis by Van-Syl-Production Go Your Way! by Van-Syl-Production I am no Hero by Van-Syl-Production  Commission: Bluebonnet Texas Menu by Van-Syl-Production


– sketchy, (nearly) no background: 15€ – 30€

Yesh by Van-Syl-Production

– half elaborated char, rough background: 30€ – 60€

Melik Cloud by Van-Syl-Production Alien Gaze by Van-Syl-Production 

– fully detailed char, rough background: 60€ – 100€

  Will you stop staring? (18+) by Van-Syl-Production  Unholy Archmage by Van-Syl-Production Not born for this World ... by Van-Syl-Production Bad Habits Never Change by Van-Syl-Production

– fully/super detailed char, elaborated background/more than one character: 100€ – 150€

  Concept Venjads by Van-Syl-Production  The Keeper by Van-Syl-Production Masquerade by Van-Syl-Production

– fully/super detailed char, large elaborated background/more than one character: 150€ – 200€

Commission: Malfunction by Van-Syl-Production 

Mature Content

Shaping (18+) by Van-Syl-Production
  Where do you think you're going? by Van-Syl-Production

– super detailed char and background: 200€ – 250€

Mature Content

Bed of Roses (18+) by Van-Syl-Production
  Bonds of Fate by Van-Syl-Production

Mature Content

Dangerous Desire (18+) by Van-Syl-Production

Mature Content

Contemplation (18+, including SOUNDTRACK) by Van-Syl-Production

– extra detailed char and/or complex constructed background: 250€ - 300€ and more

Mature Content

Chilling Out (18+) by Van-Syl-Production
  Commission: Path of Darkness by Van-Syl-Production 

Mature Content

Commission: Art of Life by Van-Syl-Production
  S.O.S. - Outcast Sector by Van-Syl-Production

Mature Content

Commission: Inquisitor vs Heretic by Van-Syl-Production


– rough concept art: 20€ – 80€

Demon Residence - Sanengiel Layim by Van-Syl-Production

– half elaborated: 80€ – 120€ 

  Abandoned Ruins by Van-Syl-Production Ancient Guardians - Chhii'nh by Van-Syl-Production

– fully detailed: 120€ – 200€

The Third Sanctuary of Light by Van-Syl-Production Legacy of the Ancient by Van-Syl-Production  Follow the Water Phoenix by Van-Syl-Production

– super detailed: 200€ – 300€ and more

What the hell ... is this place? by Van-Syl-Production

Mature Content

Chilling Out (18+) by Van-Syl-Production
  Terra Aluvis - Old Illustrated Map (english) by Van-Syl-Production Commission: Welcome to Scotland by Van-Syl-Production  S.O.S. - Outcast Sector by Van-Syl-Production

The prices are higher for commercial use and will be bargained individually.
Paypal and SEPA are accepted.
Please visit my website for further information about the conditions and workflow.

Interested? Contact me via note or e-mail: nox.murawski[at]

– Nox


The current commission list:

Priority Commissions:

1. ...


Regular Commissions:

1. Fun with the Inquisitor – :iconcadian40k:

2. :iconcavanney:

3. WA 01

4. Three Ladies

5. WA 02

6. AeonFlux

7. WA 03

8. :iconzlasyrenka:

9. WA 04

10. :iconoppaye:

11. WA 05

12. Porran

13. WA 06

14. Andy

15. ... (free slot)

16. ... (free slot)



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