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Deviation Actions

These are turbulent times.

And having a safe harbour has become more important than ever before.

Peace of Night (Final)

Deviantart has been my home, since I stepped into the online world as artist 10 years ago.

Differently from what people were telling me, neither of those - at yonder time - famous social media plattforms as Facebook or Tumblr helped me to reach as many people as Deviantart did. While on Deviantart I received hundreds of favourites per deviation, I hardly got even one like on tumblr/facebook on the same artwork.

Besides, I really like that my art on Deviantart is being stumbled upon constantly, even years after it has been uploaded. On tumblr and facebook anything, that was posted longer ago than one hour, was forever forgotten.

My time I spent into those social media plattforms was nothing but completely wasted. when people around me then came up with "new hypes" like instagram etc, I already got burn out symptomes from mere listening.

What works for one artist, won't automatically work for another artist.

everyone needs to find his own home as artist and his own access to his people. this is always a highly individual thing, that depends on so many factors, that even for me they are hardly fully known.

The time and heart I put into connecting to people here on Deviantart developed a beautiful relationship between artist and followers - and brought forth some friendships that exist until now.

although many have become silent, in the years 2013 to 2016 I had very intense communication with many of you here. and no matter what I was going through privately, no matter what new genre stuff I was uploading - my followers here would always react with maturity, reason and heart.

except for a hand full of hater comments, in all those years here I only met understanding and their will to listen to the full story (and not only to a sensational header as in other short-living yet impulsive conversation on other social media plattforms).

Deviantart has EARNED my loyalty.

YOU have earned my loyalty.

Desert Nights - Always on the Watch ...

social media plattforms come and go. but I'm no nomad.

it is extremely exhausting for me to get used to a new design, to a new workflow, to a new social or presentation structure. it has taken me YEARS to understand how deviantart actually works. and the more I learned about it, the more I started respecting and appreciating it.

for me, deviantart and its concept of presentation, as well as the people that have gathered around me here, are exactly what I need to keep creating art.

and that is, what counts to me.

Just feel - trust me ...

I'm not gonna lie. I had a nervous breakdown, when I read, that they will kill the old deviantart design in May.

Although I always was the one to prefer dark designs - and really had a hard time getting used to the weird green design of deviantart in the first years here - this "weird green design" grew to become my home in the end.

like, when you have a partner who snores heavily at night? and when he's gone, you suddenly miss his snoring so badly? love goes strange ways sometimes.

now my original wish from 10 years ago has come true. when I first read about Eclipse years ago, I was super excited. alone that name and the Eclipse icon totally rocked! then I realized, they had no subfolders - and the new design instantly died for me (with 600 deviations and two major projects running, there is no way to navigate through my gallery WITHOUT subfolders after all).

after that I never found the psychical capacity again to confront myself with the new design.

then, lately, I was forced to.

but I knew, I had no other option.

Because - LEAVING IS NO OPTION. Not for me.

Not, if I want to keep creating art. And that is, what counts to me.

Ashes of the Past

if I left, I would have to get used to ANOTHER design again after all. and it would take years to gather people around there and learn about how that other plattform works. in all those years my creativity would highly suffer from this pressure and uncertainty. just to realize, that the plattform I moved to is about to die nonetheless sooner than later.

so I did the only thing, that was left, and faced Deviantart Eclipse.

and know what?

except for the super shitty movement option for deviations inside a folder (hell, give me the drag-and-drop-option back!!!), the new design is even pretty cool. I think, it is a round concept that works. sure, it's always difficult, when one is FORCED to move.

but at least here in deviantart the design is the only new thing. the core of the plattform stays the same.

and now that I got used to the new design, I can sleep calm again and know: there is a safe harbour for my art. and it has new wall painting on it ;-)

Deviantart offers me as artist - in those most dynamic and chaotic of times! - something very rare. Something, that can be hardly found in the online world anymore:


Royal Protector

Deviantart gives me the feeling, that it will be there, no matter what. I believe in it. I believe that it will live on. Maybe in a different shape, but it will continue to live on.

And I will contribute my part to it.

I will stay here and continue sharing my art, characters, worlds and visions here with you.

And I will be happy about anyone among my followers who comes to visit me here from time to time <3

Many hugs and warm wishes of peace and positive energy to all of you out there <3

- Nox

Tree of Dreams
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greendragon-gecko's avatar

:) another friendly face staying that's good to hear.

I transitioned to eclipse early (during testphase) and send several times feedback - a lot had changed. It is far from perfect but it will grow hopefully. As I also publish the 3d stuff on other pages too, I know that some are so old that they are barely usable by now as they lack a lot of functions others have included years ago (plus they have this "plattform links" only policy - which won't work if you want to credit). Like you I am mostly active here and on fb (cause the render group moved there) - some other plattforms even lack blogging functions (artstation, rero, daz gallery), thus I don't spend much time there.

..yeah a lot changed. Hope you managed to get through Corona well so far (and all people that matter too you). Take care and stay safe! I really don't want to see a second wave, but people are getting careless.

I have to do a lot more sports stuff (rehasport/physio) since a while now and lack time to do all the things I want. Since my dad died there was a lot to do that was not planed especially the last two years. Corona added even more...

Anyway, with Corona I started learning Blender (super slow, but thats okay); I sewed a lot more.

Van-Syl-Production's avatar

hey there~

it's been a while!

I'm glad to hear from you :) and that you'll stay here as well!

I'm sorry to hear about your dad. but I'm happy to hear you've been using the more extreme time of this year to expand you horizon.

I try to stay focussed on the next day/future myself in these times, although it won't always work of course. but I'm getting better at it and not giving up and keep moving forward, even if it's just very small steps sometimes :)

greendragon-gecko's avatar

I am also doing tiny steps with a lot of things. Looks like it is the time for that.

Just keep on going and trying.


pretty tired right now, far to hot here under the roof.

Hi! I'm new to deviantart, like I just made an account, and I just stumbled onto Terra Aluvis and you! So I'm really glad your staying!

So I've stumbled around your pages, I don't know my way around here yet, and I get that you started to look for translators in 2015. Can i ask how far you've gotten? And where I can buy it?

Van-Syl-Production's avatar

hey there :3

I'm glad you like my world Terra Aluvis! :)

yeah at least the first chapters are basically translated. but it all came to a halt due to my burn-out 2015 and the therapy I do since then. I had to slow down with everything and reduce my energy to the essential aspects of my life projects Terra Aluvis and Endless Night to make them survive.

so, if you wanna read those two stories (I focus in Endless Night since 2-3 years), I can only recommend to learn german :')

irondruid1's avatar

I'm glad to see you're staying. I love seeing your work :)

Van-Syl-Production's avatar

I'm happy you enjoy it! <3 :)

Chemicq's avatar

I am one of the few who actually think the new user interface is better than before. It has a few things that need improvement but nothing that annoys me. Everyone around me likes to complain about it, well, just because everyone else is complaining about it. You're right, it's all about presentation and it gets that job done.

Van-Syl-Production's avatar

I'm glad you share my view on DA :)

yeah, I was quite shocked to perceive what's going on - that's why I decided to make a sensible counter-statement to it with this journal entry.

we should be grateful that they decided to make a risky design-renaissance and get some fresh wind into it, by giving their own vision of Deviantart an update - instead of giving it all up and declare deviantart all "old and dying" and leave us with nothing but the option to seek a new home.

I absolutely respect the courage and heart they put into this redesign and the thoughts they put into everything.

Van-Syl-Production's avatar

*high fives back* :3

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