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Will you stop staring? (18+)

EDIT: *vote from my patrons* Uncensored version available via  Patreon now :) (Smile)

Sacris: "Will you stop staring? I'm on an important mission"

So, well done Sacris! You managed to disguise yourself successfully as a Low-Lunid ...


Waiting on the streets of Lun to be collected by some servants of High-Lunids!
Just because you're LOOKING like on of those Low-Lunids you still don't have
ANY idea of what is expected of you and what will HAPPEN to you!
- Oh wait, that was the reason why you decided to do this. I remember ...

However, I warned you.
You put yourself into the lion's pit without any possibility to escape.
Is it really worth this risk to get an answer for this question:
"Why are the Low-Lunids wishing to be enslaved by the High-Lunids?"
I know, you are their King and you want to free them of their slavery -
but you can't do this as long as you don't understand them.
How to free a people that doesn't want to be freed?

Is it a spoiler to tell that the days that follow Sacris' naive/stubborn/brave decision will be the worst and best of his whole life?
Go for the adventure of your life, my beloved Sacris. And bare
Jerome's punishment with unbroken dignity, for he is the descendant of
the oldest dynasty of Lun and he does not forgive such reckless
behaviour easily in his realm, Lun - the realm of decadence and sensual

Sacris from my fantasy story Terra Aluvis. No references used.
And NO, he does NOT enjoy his situation.
He is definitely brave to walk around in this outfit x_x Not to talk about the rest he is going to go through!

However, I definitely prefer to see Sacris in nice bondage leather and buckles,
when he already has to wear so few clothes! Just good, that Jerome shares my opinion >x333 *nyahahaharharhar*

You're being quite spoilt these days from illustrations of my characters - I'm having a creative flow :)

Hope you enjoy!

- Nox

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I've kept coming back to this art piece, simply speachless each time, so I think it's finally time to say something. As a fantasy writer myself and knowing the struggle of coming up with characters, I must say that you have done an outstanding job.
I simply just love everything about this artwork. The expression is clear and easy to read even while it holds a story on it's own. The outfit is absolutely gorgeous! I love the mix between red and pink colors, as the outfit both portray light and darker colors. The background color, especially the purple is not a color which fit a lot in most artworks, especially artworks such as yours, but I believe in this one it actually fits the mood and does not throw the background out of balance. It's actually very calming and pretty to look at, even if it is a simple one. What I love the most though, is your way with light. The highlights and the shadows are just so perfectly put in to place that I don't believe it could have been put in a better way. Everybit of this art piece is just so beautiful, you did a very, very good job!
Also good luck with your story. =')
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Thank you very much for your detailed feedback :)
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No problem at all, it's truly a wonderful piece of art. I'm sorry if I sounded very hyper though haha, I don't do critiques very often and it's hard knowing what to say properly. C'=
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
you did a wonderful job in writing the critique :) I really appreciate it - thank you very much!
Toflun's avatar
I'm glad you think so and it's no problem. :aww:
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its drake bell XD XD XD
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
okay, after I didn't find "drake bell" in a dictionary I googled it and found out, it's a famous guy xD
well, they've got indeed pretty similar eyebrows and hairstyle here, haven't they? :D that's funny
I'll stare for as long as possible. Thank you very much.
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That's one hot man dress
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I want that outfit haha
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
haha, feel free to do a cosplay :p
EndragAnest's avatar
minus the collar, hike the fabric OVER the ass, have the slit go half way up the upper leg,
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
I'm not sure if I got your idea xD I'm afraid I didn't
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So Hot So Sexy Sooooo Dreamy Lol
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Why? I like what I see *w*
kikigraysonwest's avatar
I'm sorry but i can't
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
haha xD understandable!
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No. I won't stop staring!
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