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Who are Sacris and Jerome?

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BE CAREFUL! At the end there comes a SPOILER page, that explains things further, but already reveals critical information the reader gets quite late in my story. Do NOT read the LAST PAGE, if you want to have some surprises left.

TERRA ALUVIS VOL. 1 OUT NOW: ANGEBOT: Terra Aluvis Vol.1 Softcover (deutsch)

So many drawings of Sacris and Jerome in my gallery!
Surely some of you were wondering, who they actually are? And what keeps them struggeling for all the time? And what is their role in my fantasy story Terra Aluvis? And is there really anything more in my story connecting them than mere yaoi?
Here you will find plenty of answers concerning Sacris and Jerome ;)

Read a scene with them here: Forbidden Craving - from Ch.20 Terra Aluvis (BL) by Van-Syl-Production

Listen to their song "Becoming One": Becoming One (Sacris x Jerome) by Van-Syl-Production

Read about Terra Aluvis in general: About Terra Aluvis by Van-Syl-Production The status quo of the project itself: Status Quo of Terra Aluvis by Van-Syl-Production

Enjoy and share thoughts ;)

- Nox

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Wow!! so interesting!! 
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The short manga related to the novel was really nice tooo! when will the 1st chapter (in english) be available : August ?
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The professional proof reading is through, now the cover art and booky layout are left to do :)
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It will be really nice once the english translation is available Wink/Razz 
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we are still seeking more translators - if you know someone who knows german and english and likes fantasy/BL send them our way! :)
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That's a lot of information I didn't catch before! Now I get it all c:
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I didn't read the spoiler, but it was sort of easy NOT to because I loved the dynamic picture of Sacris and the rather - erotic one of Jerrome further down.
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Always these tempting spoilers ... :333
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It totally read the spoiler because I couldn't help it, and now I really, really, REALLY want you to write a whole book and have it published some day in English so I can buy it and read it!  I especially loved the idea that Jerome will eventually be in SACRIS'S CONTROL and under his protection...because it would be nice to see the tables turned, for once, instead of Jerome having all of the control! (Although it's always super-sexy to see pictures of Jerome getting the better of Sacris)
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Well I wrote my book to this point already, when he switches sides :)
And there are already THREE books just waiting to be published x3 It's a long series ;)

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you like my story :3
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