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Where do you think you're going?

Sacris: "Where do you think you're going after all your teasing?"
Jerome: "You … cheater …!"
Sacris: "I'm just using the skills you taught me so well …"

Sacris forced me to sacrifice my whole weekend to draw this piece.
Seems like he slowly accepts that he won't get away with a straight pairing as long as I live! xD

Yay! Level Up in drawing kisses and pseudo-fancy-magic-ornaments ^_^

And no, I was NOT TOO LAZY to complete the background when I decided to
zoom out a bit in the end of the elaboration process to show more of the characters
- nope, this was an IMPORTANT DESIGN IDEA that was clear from the very first stroke of this drawing!!! *nod nod*

I liked Jerome's feathers and icy blue fog in this drawing "Masquerade" Masquerade by Van-Syl-Production and just felt like developing this idea a bit further. I am very surprised what a nice "counterpart" developed out of this drawing here.
And what could fit better into the scene than Sacris trying out his outfit idea from "Protection is a Matter of Style"

Mature Content

Protection - A Matter of Style? (Terra Aluvis+BL) by Van-Syl-Production
in action? ;)
Once again it's proven: It is never sure, who will take over! ;p

Sacris and Jerome from my fantasy story Terra Aluvis.
No references used.

Enjoy and share thoughts! :)

- Nox


  I am no Hero by Van-Syl-Production

Mature Content

Bittersweet Surrender (18+) by Van-Syl-Production
  Deadlock by Van-Syl-Production

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Chanteur-de-Vent's avatar
So subtle, love how he's holding a lock of the hair, the feeling that they're moving slow, very slow. And enjoying every moment. Beautiful. 
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
I'm happy that you like it ^_^
VoiceInForestShadow's avatar
I like Jerome's ornamentation Nod 
KehXKeova's avatar
Awesome job on this!! :wow:
KehXKeova's avatar
You're welcome!! Komari hugs Rin [V5] 
Hanoko's avatar
Love the cape design :thumbsup:
7th-Child's avatar
okay, before i do something stupid, is that English? XD cuz just went on Amazon and i'm too lazy to figure out what language it's in :'D
7th-Child's avatar
darn I had it coming :XD:

*ponders* nope. I know no one with such abilities :XD: I don't know many people at all anyway gyahahha :XD:

if I hear of one though I shall send them your way :)
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Cloudelfish's avatar
Are they a demon and an elf??? Love the clothes!!!!
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
No they are not^^
They are a half-alien and a half-demon xD

MaiaCarlson's avatar
And who says that Sacris never gets the upper hand?  ;)  
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Nyahaha, he obviously DOES^^
piopio1949's avatar
I still don't quite have the hang of your characters, so that's something I'll need to work on. But that doesn't stop me from noting that your drawing is nowhere short of astonishing. Congratulations! :D
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
No problem^^ These illustrations/drawings are only artwork to a huge story after all. And the written story is what actually gives depth and sense to it all.
My artwork to it is rather personal fun ;)
Even so just give it a bit time - I mean others have been following here on deviantart from the very old drawings where Sacris still was totally unapporachable, so there has happened QUITE a development over the years (in style and character) ! ;)
YoruNoSasori's avatar
Ahaha~ go get him, Sacris
it's amazing!!
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
(Nyahaha, quite my thoughts!)

Thank you so much :3
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