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What the hell ... is this place?

Sacris: "What the hell ... is this place?"
These were his first words after having entered the suspicious cave Suspicious Cave by Van-Syl-Production

This is another illustration for my fantasy story "Terra Aluvis" - showing one of my main characters Sacris Faryen, already king at that moment, discovering one of the Great Sanctuaries of Darkness.

Enjoy and share thoughts! =)

- Nox

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I think you just said it
Looks like char fucked Ice-crown citadell ;D
MrJuniorer's avatar
Amazing Work!!!
MrJuniorer's avatar
Enoa79's avatar
Beautiful work. Very well done.
Enoa79's avatar
You're welcome.
IceShadow3's avatar
once again u have blown my mind XD this place u have created with great details seems 2 actly be made form the bodies of monsters...whose bodies have become homes for the demonic. very intresting
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
You know .. actually it's in deed made out of bodies (or should I say souls?) :D
IceShadow3's avatar
ooo mysterious and creepy me likely! perfect pace for a all out Nerf war! yipy!
IceShadow3's avatar
i know and would have plenty of hiding spots! perfect for ambushes
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Oh yeah, it is ;D Especially as the environment is magically formed and can change its shape at any time^^
Hoofenpoof's avatar
Well it's funny you should ask that because you were a devout Christian your whole life. You should have chose Morman... haha
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Hey, that's actually a very good question - how would this phrase sound in case the one asking wouldn't believe in something like hell? :D
Hoofenpoof's avatar
Hmmm true true. I think coming from someone who didn't get the pun in the title, they would assume that the person is in a very bad place because of your very nice portrayal. Maybe some info in the description or some background... -___- dunno
Hera-of-Stockholm's avatar
Looks like steam punk hell :) Great work
Cileos's avatar
Tolle Stimmung und klasse Hintergrund wieder! Schwert sieht auch richtig toll aus :)

Sacris selbst wirkt leidend, als halte er sich nur mit Mühe auf den Beinen und habe nicht wirklich Augen für diesen Ort.
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