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is Frank.
Say "hi", Frank.
Frank: "Hi." *waves at you*
What a good boy. Now get back to what you were about to do.
Frank looks at me confused.
You know, ... causing nightmares, killing people, devouring souls and all that kind of stuff you always do.

EDIT: Some additional information Frank asked me to actually keep to myself: He's a totally kind gentlemen. And in secret he loves to sing opera songs. But don't tell the others about it! ;p

Creatures like him are the reason why one should stay away from dubios stuff like alchemy. Well, the Shadows for sure have found a function for him and others like him.

Concept art for my fantasy story Terra Aluvis. 3,5 hours of work. Nice, efficiently, to the point - making me remember that I am what I am: an artist.
No references used.

Enjoy and share thoughts! ;)

- Nox

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Where to begin? The fact that you named this character Frank gives it a comedic edge which I kind of like. Kind of like naming a cerberus fluffy, that was a classic joke.

Other than that, you did a good job with your use of the color green because it stands out with the black in this character. The design looks pretty legit since it feels like something out of an epic RPG game series like Skyrim, Dark Souls and etc.

Overall, I like how you named this character Frank, the green looks pretty cool, and I like the design.
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Hey there ~
Thank you so much for your detailed feedback ^_^

Yeah he chose the name "Frank" himself! I should have mentioned that in private he's an extreme gentleman with a secret passion for singing opera songs :D
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Your welcome and that's pretty interesting
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Fantastic work on this painting! I really like the pose and the green glowing effect :) well done!
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
thank you :3 I'm glad you like it!
Nidhogge's avatar
you're welcome :D !
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It's amazing!! It's just, wow!!
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great ligth effect ^^
NaejDoree's avatar
you're welcome ^^
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Hi Frank!

He's pretty fabulous looking.
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Frank: *undead voice* "Hi there, nice to meet you~"

Thanks :D
Tifa-Lockhart-1's avatar
Hi Frank :D Please don't cause me nightmares and don't devour my soul ^^

really nice (and creepy, but that's the point I guess XD)
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Heyyyy Frank rocks! He's a real gentleman (and as I have learned now, he likes to sing operas in secret! XD)
Tifa-Lockhart-1's avatar
Hahaha as long as I don't get nightmares XD
(seriously...? and... is he good at it? XD)
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
(he's the most skilled opera singer you'd ever met!)
Tifa-Lockhart-1's avatar
(I really don't get why he's supposed to be a bad guy..... O.o he seems kinda nice, and he can even sing XD )
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
well he just has a job to do like anyone else^^
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