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The Keeper

So this is your best buddy in Low-Lun - The Keeper. Just one rule to survive: obey, whatever they ask of you. ;)

Concept art for my fantasy story Terra Aluvis. No references used.

Enjoy and share thoughts ;)

- Nox

I am open for commissions! >>My commission info<<

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Want to join my project Terra Aluvis? ;) (Wink) I seek some helping hands: My Plans for 2015 - You are involved!

INTERESTED IN MY STORY TERRA ALUVIS? Here are some starting points for you to begin:

[ENGLISH – general information on Terra Aluvis]

What is Terra Aluvis? Read here: van-syl-production.deviantart.…

Read extracts: van-syl-production.deviantart.…

Listen to the soundtrack of Terra Aluvis: van-syl-production.deviantart.…

my book, prints, music, etc.:

More from Terra Aluvis in general: van-syl-production.deviantart.…

Für alle deutschen Leseratten: Band 1 ist jetzt erhältlich! :) (Smile)

Was ist Terra Aluvis? Erfahre hier mehr: van-syl-production.deviantart.…
Lies das erste Kapitel online: van-syl-production.deviantart.…

Terra Aluvis: Kapitel 1 by Van-Syl-Production

Hol dir TERRA ALUVIS VOL.1 als E-Book

... oder direkt von mir per E-Mail an nox[at]

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Can I keep him please.
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I wouldn't mind, having a sexy guard like that over my place neither x)
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Is this the guy in most of your art? I would love o see this adapted into a comic or something else.
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Nope, this is a concept art of a creature from my story Terra Aluvis (where this 'guy in most of my art' - called Sacris, if the one with short hair, or Jerome, if the one with long black hair - lives in). the Keepers are a security unit in a secret part of the Human Realm controlled by Half-Demons and they make sure that everything goes according to the rules of Valun ;) all Keepers look exactly the same way
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I always forgot to say that I really really really love the shiny effect on his mask. You made this really great.
Love his outfit as well. yum yum
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Thank you so much! *___*
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I love their design! The mask is sublim!
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Thank you so much! :3 I'm glad you like it!
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You are more than welcome, my dear! ^^
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Really cool and badass, love how you painted the mask! 
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Thanks so much! :)
I'm glad you like it^^
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My God, is incredible!
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you're welcome :D
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How very elegant! This comes as no surprise, however, seeing the general high standard of your gallery. You have a great talent, and I hope that you will continue to put this to good use.

Thank you for sharing this high quality piece of work with our group, "Creation is a Must". I look forward to seeing more coming from you!


Best regards

:iconwinter-of-hearts: :iconthe-golden-heart:
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