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Terra Aluvis

TERRA ALUVIS VOL.1 OUT NOW! More: van-syl-production.deviantart.…

What was supposed to be a simple speed painting of the new location my main character – Sacris Faryen, the king of mankind – discovered, turned out to become a quite cool picture. So I made something out of it =)
I did this illustration for my own fantasy story Terra Aluvis. I used the chance to work the "Terra Aluvis" logo over a bit. Went extraordinarily quick, about 4-5 hours of work all in all.

Enjoy and share your thoughts! ;)

- Nox

I am open for commissions! My commission info: van-syl-production.deviantart.…

What is Terra Aluvis? Read here: van-syl-production.deviantart.…

Read Chapter 1 (in german) here: van-syl-production.deviantart.…

Listen to the soundtrack: van-syl-production.deviantart.…

More from Terra Aluvis: van-syl-production.deviantart.…
Devoured Light by Van-Syl-Production What the hell ... is this place? by Van-Syl-Production Arcilla (final) by Van-Syl-Production Terra Aluvis - Old Illustrated Map (english) by Van-Syl-Production
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nice angle ^_^
aeriestream688's avatar
wooahhhh this is really great I have no clue what this is from but I'm jelly of ur landscape abilities Xo
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Thank you very much! =)
It is from my own fantasy story Terra Aluvis ;)
aeriestream688's avatar
really?? zomfg that's awesome ^^
Inpu's avatar
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaankeeeeeeee xD
ForbiddenKissed's avatar
das Bild ist einfach nur HAMMER *___* !!! wie lange brauchst du für so ein Bild??
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Vielen lieben Dank! =)
Das hier ging gerade ziemlich fix: gerade mal 5 Stunden. Sonst etwas um 1-2 Tage, je nachdem wie gut ich im Flow bin ;)
Enoa79's avatar
Beautiful work. Very well done.
Enoa79's avatar
You're welcome.
RakSkuder's avatar
Such a fantastic piece! Really like it :)
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Thanks so much :)
I'm glad to hear that!
Alakram's avatar
It really is a nice view.
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Thank you very much! =)
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